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How to connect two 12V...

How to connect two 12V batteries with PCM in series

The connection of the batteries with the 12V PCM is the same as the connection of any other batteries. Some additional things need to be observed: before the assembly of the pack in series, first charge individually each of the batteries

15.May 2012
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FAQ:  How to connect the...

FAQ: How to connect the small cylindrical cells together?

Answer: First never try to solder the contact to these cells. You are sure to damage the cell by over heating. Any temperature above 70*C is damaging to the cells! Without professional soldering equipment it is not possible to make the connection.

14.May 2012
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RT-BMS Cell Balancing Module...

RT-BMSCell Balancing Module dimensions and mounting specifications

The drawings show the CBU sizes and installation.

14.Nov 2011
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FAQ: Charging individual cells...

FAQ: Charging individual cells using the regulated (laboratory) power supply

Many of the laboratory power supplies allow charging of the individual cells. Using such a regulated power supply is a suitable method for performing the initial charging or for the balancing of a single cell in a battery pack (by means of charging to a fixed voltage level).

There are usually 3 steps to follow: 1) set th

05.Nov 2011
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Training: Lithium Battery...

Training: Lithium Battery Technology Expert – October 2011

Photos from the one-day training that helpsyou to become the lithium battery expert and to understand the advantages of the lithium battery technology. The training consists of a block of lectures together with seminars, question and answers sessions and practical labs. These labs will help you to assemb

05.Nov 2011
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The application of the Cell...

The application of the Cell Ballancing Module

16 CBM units are used to balance the final stage of the charging of the EV scooter GWL/Scooty. The 16 lithium cells makethe total of 48V (nominal voltage). Each cell using one CBM for balancing.

10.Jul 2011
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Installing 6 Akumons to...

Installing 6 Akumons to monitor up to 6 pcs of12V LP packs

This is a photo from our customer showing an installation of 6 pcs of Akumon management boards together with a service battery and relay. This installation is designed to monitor up to 6 pcs of 12V LP block batteries.

30.May 2011
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Simple solar solution for...

Simple solar solution for off-grid applications

This isour demonstration panel for simple solar solutions based on the 12V LP batteries. Check with us if you need such solutions.

30.May 2011
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Multiplying Socket to allow...

Multiplying Socket
Multiplying Socket Detail
Multiplying Socket 3 to 1

Multiplying Socket to allow parallel charging of 12V blocks

We have made a Multiplying Socket to allow to charge more 12V LP block from a high speed charger.

One charger can charge up to 3 blocks at one time.

24.May 2011
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Cell Balancing Module (CBM) -...

Cell Balancing Module (CBM) - easy installation

The photo shows afour-cell testing pack with CBM installed. On the right there is a single CBM - balancing up to 1.7A. On the left, there is a cascade of 3 CBMs that increase the balacing current to up to 5A (3x ~1.7A).

04.May 2011
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