Czech Sustainable Houses - the...

The photos of the testing installation of the Czech Sustainable Houses project. The GWL/team has installed the the DC/AC power switch box. The initial testing was performed at GWL’s warehouse.. You may check.

29.Jun 2020
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Czech Sustainable Houses –...

Few more photos of the progress on the first of the Czech Sustainable Houses. The roof timbers are going up and soon the whole raw structure will be accomplished.

In the meantime, we are working on a small Sustainable Garden project. A Sustainable house also needs a sustainable garden. Right?

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08.Apr 2020
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Czech Sustainable Houses...

Is GWL a construction project company? Perhaps, we will be in the future. GWL is actively supporting theCzech Sustainable Houses (CSoD) project. These photos show the progress of the first 100% Off-grid house, under construction from 11/2019 till now 3/2020.

More details to follow.

25.Mar 2020
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