The Real Electric Bus Crash Test – the Bus Hit by a Train

GWL’s customer operating the electric bus with a LFP battery pack has involuntary performed areal EV Bus crash test. The bus driver in Northern Bohemia was passing the railway, while the local train was approaching. Unfortunately, the bus driver did not let the train pass first andthe

02.Jan 2023
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The ELERIX EX-L12V100R – service connector extension

The photo of the components that allow the expansion (or extension) of the service connector for the.

NOTE: If the servic

04.Nov 2022
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Tips for useful accessories for 12V packs

Check the overview of the useful accessories to make it easier for you to use and.

Ready to go?

01.Nov 2022
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The Magnetic Service Connector - The Making of

These photos show the magnetic service connector for the.

The opposite part of the connector is supplied withthe packing of EX-L12V100R. Optionally you can purchase another connector separately.

To make the servi

01.Nov 2022
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ELERIX EX-S5 Cable for Victron Cerbo GX

To connect the ELERIX EX-S5 with Victron Cerbo GX, there is a need for a special cable.

This cable can be purchased on-line. You can also study the support information and get more details about the CAN connectors pin outs and how to make this cable.

Check more links:

01.Nov 2022
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Quick and Easy - The magnetic 5 pole connector

is designed to be used a service connector for a 5-pin wiring. This means it can be used to transfer 4 signals and one common ground.

For DC application this service connector is purposedto be used for a quick connection to 12V battery banks o

31.Oct 2022
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FAQ: Testing the capacity of the cell or battery

Q: I wish to check the capacity of the cell in my battery pack. How to do that?

Answer:Originally there were not any suitable products in the market that would allow the quick and easy testing of individual cells or the packs in a battery. There were only some costly and professiona

31.Oct 2022
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ELERIX 12V Battery Packs

Check the offer for the

An easy solution for a 12V lead-acid battery replacement.

Check additional accessories:

… more to come

18.Oct 2022
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Connection of CPM with AMETEK Latching relay

This diagram shows the connection ofthe AMETEK Latching Relay with CPM Board.

The relay is controlled by theCPM Board contacts. However, because the AMETEK Latching relay needs a high current rated power supply for the coils, the latching relay itself needs to be connectedby means

17.Oct 2022
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Connection of BMS123 with AMETEK Latching relay

This diagram shows the connection ofthe AMETEK Latching Relay with BMS123.

The relay is controlled bythe BMS123 Load Relay NC contact. The auxiliary relay is powered by the DC main voltage and it will create the impulse signal for the latching relay to disconnect.

Since the main

17.Oct 2022
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