ELERIX Cells Designed by Spiders

What if the spiders were to make the battery designs? Well, here you can see how the spiders could see the lines of the 3D drawing of the ELERIX EX-L50K cell.

Here is the real.


11.Apr 2022
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ELERIX EX-L12V100R - Service Connector Info

Check the details about the EX-LP12V100R service connector in the EX-L100R technical manual.

11.Apr 2022
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ELERIX Terminal Connectors - New Models

New models of the ELERIX Terminal Connectors - coming to you soon.


11.Apr 2022
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LFP Battery – Model Charging Curve

This is an example of amodel charging curve for a 24V LFP battery. In this scenario the battery is finely charged with a 2 Amp balancing charger. There are following stages of the charging process:

1 – The battery is chargedto the full voltage (29.6V = 3.7V per cell)

2 – The ba

04.Apr 2022
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Terminal belt options for the ELERIX Cells

For ELERIX 50Ah cell which terminal belt is the best to be used?

With the cell width of 36 mm, there is an option to use the38mm longand the42 mm long copper belts. Both of these terminal belts work fine.

  • The 38 mm belts fit the size of the cells directly.
01.Apr 2022
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A minor update of the terminal design for the TSWB cells

During 2021, there was a minor upgrade for the design of the terminal connectors for the TSWB cells:

There isvisual change of the shapeof the terminals. Theterminals are now fully circularand do have the size of a hexagonal nut.

The main difference is the former red plastic circle a

29.Mar 2022
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ELERIX EX-L12V100R - service connector - connection ideas

Connection to the balancing cable by means of the magnetic connector.

JST XH - 5 connector extension board- allows you to connect more devices to monitor, balance and charge the 12V front terminal battery.

Waring:never connect individual batteries in parallel by means of the

23.Mar 2022
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ELERIX EX-L12V100R - service connector

Safety recommendation: if not used, please cover the service connector by a self-sticking tape or any other adhesive cover.

This way you can prevent accidental touching of the pins by some metal objects put on the upper side of the battery.

Warning: the individual output pins are directly c

23.Mar 2022
| Blog

ELERIX EX-L12V100R Service Connector

The EX-L12V100R Service Connector is a magnetic 5-pin connector that allows direct access to the individual cells of the 12V battery.

The function of the connector is following

  • Measure the voltage of the individual cells.
  • Allow monitoring and connection of the BMS
  • Connect auxiliary devices to charge or balance
23.Mar 2022
| Blog

Lithium 12V 100AH front terminal battery

EX-L12V100R - 12V Front Terminal Battery - a simple solution for a lead acid battery replacement.

Check more.

23.Mar 2022
| Blog
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