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In the universe, everything ages and everything decays. Everything loses energy.

Thanks to Elerix, we’re trying to slow that process down. We’re helping to conserve some of the energy. We’re overcoming the second law of thermodynamics. We offer solutions to extract and save energy.

It is

03.Jan 2022
| Blog

GWL/Modular CPM – Fully Public Project

From the very beginning thewas designed as a fully public project. All source documentation, the board schematics, the listing of all components, the source codes, etc.– all are available as public domain – free of charge.

Now, you can rese

03.Jan 2022
| Blog

New models of the ELERIX Copper Terminal Connectors

A large variety to connect the ELERIX cells in a flexible way.

Check the drawings at the ELERIX Github.

03.Jan 2022
| Blog

M6 and M8 Screws and washers

GWL supplies useful packs of screws to accompany. Check for yourself the frequently usedM6 and M8 screws.

The screws are supplied in packs of 10 pieces.

Check here: forand.

Stay in touch with.

17.Dec 2021
| Blog

Flexible Copper Terminals for ELERIX Cells

Check the complete drawings of theflexible copper terminals for the ELERIX cells. These terminals are designed to be used for the connectionboth in parallel and in series.

The drawing PDFs are released a public information at.

15.Dec 2021
| Blog

The Show Must Go On - Testing and Testing

The GWL Team is testing and examining. Here we are playing with small 16 cell BMS board to be used for the ELERIX META Packs.

More to come soon.

15.Nov 2021
| Blog


The universal = “META” packs for a 12V solution. The ELERIX 12V META Packs.

They are coming!

09.Nov 2021
| Blog

GWL Team Design of the EX-Switch

GWL/Modular EX-Switch

The missing element for switching between the DC and AC world. Simply use the GWL/Modular EX Switch. The EX-Switch is a complete switching board solution to be certified according to the EU norms. Useful for any system in Europe.

As usual, the GWL Team will be releasing

09.Nov 2021
| Blog

GWL/Modular FV Elerix

The design drawing of the fully modular solution for the energy storage and the electricity generation.

Read more here:

GWL Team will be happy to supply the key components for this kind of modular installation. Just get

01.Nov 2021
| Blog


An innovative solution for small capacity 12V packs. Easy solution for any 12V powered equipment.

More to follow quickly.and the GWL Team.

01.Nov 2021
| Blog
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