The relay with a flash back diode. Observe the polarity!

Some time ago, GWL/Team has explainedto be connected in parallel to the relay coils when switching relays by transistors.

Recently there were few cases when customers installed a professionally made relay that alrea

30.Oct 2020
| Blog

High Current DC contactors

As a reference, GWL links information to theSCHALTBAU products. These products include high power rated DC contactors for industrial DC applications.


27.Oct 2020
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Smoke and Fire Detector – It is a Must!

GWL/Team gives repeated warnings to customers to buy and deploy protective measure when making their installations. One of the basic protective measure is the installation ofthe fire, smoke and temperature detectors or sensors.

If you have any cabinets, boxes, battery rooms or other areas with the ba

12.Oct 2020
| Blog

Comment: Heap of Black-boxes or a Fully Modular Solution?

What a wonderful heap of hardware! Wow, what a great amount of work and investment.Mister Federico, you are a great engineer, I really appreciate your efforts. Good job!???????????? (seriously)

The picture shows there are 12 battery modules in each rack. There are 10 racks. It means there are&

12.Oct 2020
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GWL/Power Team is testing again

Just now: testing a battery pack with a customized monitoring solution in co-operation with the partner hardware. In order to understand the needs of our customers, we closely co-operate with their technical teams to see how to utilize their hardware with the battery pack in the best way.

08.Oct 2020
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You Power The Life!

07.Oct 2020
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The factory manufactured packs – Say No! to the battery...

GWL/Modular solutionis based on individual single cells that are assembled by the customers and users at the place of installation. This allows for a real versatility with a fully modular and long-term functional solution.

This is also very favorite for the life-span of the cells, with the possibility

05.Oct 2020
| Blog

GWL/Modular Pack in an animated action

This animated GIF shows howGWL/Modular pack can be assembledby any “local electrician” at any place of the world.

Modularity:The battery pack consists of large capacity cells that have robust and reliable design. VERSUS: The other solutions use hundreds of small round cells

21.Sep 2020
| Blog

What is the progress of the GWL/GreenEye project?

The GWL/GreenEye project is no longer active, because GWL/Team no longer develops it.

The original idea was that GWL would release some open platform for “bluetooth” remote monitoring for DC systems. However, only later GWL realized that the “bluetooth” protocol was very compli

14.Sep 2020
| Blog

GWL/Modular - moving ahead

The GWL/Team is slowly and gradually moving ahead with the installation for the.In this installation, GWL has deployed the solution based on theGWL/Modular concept.

This installation will be available as a reference project fo

07.Sep 2020
| Blog
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