Say No! – The Energy Storage Black Box

This photo shows the internal design of the energy storage black box from a Chinese supplier.

The battery pack consists of75 cylindrical cells welded togetherinto a fixed pack. This pack is stuffed into the 19” PC rack. See for yourself.

Clearly visible issues

  • Undocumented type of cel
10.Aug 2020
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GWL keeps saying: Say “No!” to clouds.

Some time ago GWL/Team purchased. Recently we have decided to use the hardware again. Very quickly we have come to realize it isa piece of “dead hardware”. Why?

Because the remote monitoring function was fixed at the operation of the“My Current Cost

03.Aug 2020
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GWL/Support team - Behind the stage – The KEY IDEA

See the roles of the actors in GWL project for theCzech Sustainable House(CSoD) and the GWL/Modular installation.

(1)The GWL Chief Ideologist(working mainly with his phone)

(2A) and (2B)The GWL/Team Members working hardwith their handsand tools to

21.Jul 2020
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Any difference?

A similar place at different times. Nine years ago,of the lithium-based cells.

Now the second picture bellow seems to be more fitting. There is an ever-growing flooding of the market by the cells of dubious origin and quality. Like the floods of water, there a

20.Jul 2020
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Are these huge Winston cells or not?

They look like huge Winston cells drowning in the sea, right? In fact, they are the protective). The system has been tested in the Venice lagoon in north-eastern Italy.

The color, the holes and the shape quickly remind of.

GWL suggests our customers not to drown the TSWB cell in the ocean.:) These cells have

20.Jul 2020
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GWL/Modular Flexi Pack

The GWL/Team is busy working on the first pre-production batch for the. The initial delivery should be ready during 8/2020 and the promotion on the web site is scheduled for 9/2020.

Perhaps you ask what takes so long. For example just finding a reliable mechanical-design component manufacturer takes m

20.Jul 2020
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GITHUB files

Additional support files for the EVSE project at GitHub

The SIMPLE EVSE project at GITHUB.

01.Jul 2020
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Czech Sustainable Houses - the power switch box

The photos of the testing installation of the Czech Sustainable Houses project. The GWL/team has installed the the DC/AC power switch box. The initial testing was performed at GWL’s warehouse.. You may check.

29.Jun 2020
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GWL/Modular Flexi Pack

Here is one of the first prototypes of the GWL/Modular Flexi Pack.

With GWL/Modular everybody can assemble robust and reliable battery packs with out a need for special equipment. No need for welding, soldering or any other difficult hardware operations.

GWL/Modular Flexi Pack - You are ready to go.

16.Jun 2020
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Say “No” to such a kind of battery packs

Hundreds of small cells? Or a robust solution using a large capacity battery pack?

The photos show the examples of battery packs made of multiple small cells connected in a serial-parallel connection. What will happen to the performance of this pack, if one of the cells somewhere inside will start operate irregularly or

15.Jun 2020
| Blog
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