Wires for Campers

We are wiring…. Well, we are rather drawing wires to help our customer with a camper (or caravan) installation.

We will be (soon) showing a complete design and the How-To manual for such a kind of applications.

10.Dec 2019
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LiFePO4 Batteries in Ships and...

This document presents typical solutions and important information for the reliable and long-term operation of LiFePO4 battery systems in ships and boats (also applicable in caravans and campers). Various topics are described in a comprehensible way for any user. The guide will help you to decide f

09.Dec 2019
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VOTRONIC LCD Battery Computer

A solution from Germany to monitor the voltage, currents and state of charge of the lithium batteries in 12V and 24V installations. .

13.Nov 2019
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Turkney solution

Complete delivery of a battery pack to Yukon (or Kamchatka)

Question: We have a project for an electric vehicle that will be located “somewhere” (in the middle of nowhere – like Yukon or Kamchatka). We wish to order a complete battery pack to install in the vehicle with no a

06.Nov 2019
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Battery Monitor Meter

Looking for ? There are many various products available on the internet web sites like Aliexpress and Ebay.

Enjoy the freedom of theShopping on-line direct! ()

06.Nov 2019
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Shopping on-line direct!

When we started 10 years ago with the battery business, it was nearly impossible to buy some special equipment on-line. That is why many of our customers were happy that we also tested and introduced additional accessories and tools for the DC solutions.

However now, ten years later, there a

06.Nov 2019
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Serial-parallel correct...

We certainly do not recommend connecting two „strings“ together at the high DC level. The LiFePO4 cells have very small internal resistance and connecting cells at high level voltage (e.g. one pack is 53V, the other pack is just 48V) will cause extreme currents that may cause damage to the ce

22.Oct 2019
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An Undocumented Black-Box or...

GWL/Poweris working on open and modular solutions for the DC power systems and energy storage projects. We believe our partners and friends appreciate the advantages of the fully open and modular solutions. In our understating aBlack-Boxis a product or an equipment that is sold “as

14.Oct 2019
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Safety of work when installing...

We use insulated tools when working with the battery.

Always secure hand tools to avoid short-circuiting the battery in the event of careless handling or accident.

An unwanted short circuit when installing the battery is the most common cause of cell damage.

An example ofself-made insulated tools can be

26.Jul 2019
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Starting with LYP/LFP cells...

Quick tutorial video how to start with the LFP (LYP) cells. Learn and see the 13 steps. See how to make the first check-up and the initial charging. About Winston cells: Large capacity LiFePO4 prismatic cells. Thundersky – Winston Battery famous yellow cells. More than 18 years on the mar

21.Jun 2019
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