The abrasive sponge for you!

Ready to assemble the battery pack? Do not forgetto clean the terminals of the cells in the proper way.The ELERIX abrasive sponge – size 95 x 70 x 25 mm – will help you.

See the brushing sponge in action in this video:

03.May 2021
| Blog

ELERIX Brand LFP Cells

The best of the best. This is the ELERIX brand of the LFP cells.

On the way to you soon!

03.May 2021
| Blog

GWL/Modular 4S Balancing Boards

New product to make the life easier: Balancing board for 1~4 cells LFP (1.2 Amp)

Simple balancing board for 1S to 4S LFP cells. Connection by means of wires. Indication of the balancing by LED diodes. This balancing board can be used to balance LFP cells during the final part of t

03.May 2021
| Blog

The New Generation of Copper Terminals

GWL/Poweris introducing a new generation of thehigh flexible copper terminal connectors(also called bus bars). The new generation is made from multilayer copper belts with nickeled surface.

More details coming quickly…

03.May 2021
| Blog

ELERIX High Performance Cells

The pre-production samples of theELERIX high performance LFP and LTO cells.

They are coming to you… soon.

03.May 2021
| Blog


All in one – One in All – You Power the Life This is the philosophical slogan of the ELERIX STORAGE 5 - EX-S5 – 48V 5kWh energy storage module.

Simple, easy, quick, complete – all of these words describe the ELERIX STORAGE 5 - EX-S5.

More details to come soon.

03.May 2021
| Blog

The innovative ELERIX cells 50AH and 110AH

The innovative ELERIX brand cells are coming. It is a long way for a product to make it through the product development, product review, testing, evaluating, reviewing, branding…

Until the product is ready on stock to be sold in mass quantities.

Stay in touch for more details

12.Apr 2021
| Blog

High quality battery packs with a modular set-up

This photo showsthe test installation for a high-performance quality pack using the ELERIX 50AH cells.The two cells are installed in parallel to reach the 100AH capacity. The massive copper terminal platesmake sure there will be a minimal loss of the energy during the peak discharge

06.Apr 2021
| Blog

Flexible terminal connectors

Can the terminal connectors be improved? GWL/Team is making these even more flexible.

The newELERIX Brand of productscomes with new innovative terminal connectors.

More to come soon.

31.Mar 2021
| Blog

New Elerix products - Heady duty testing

GWL has been working on the introduction of the new range of the high power LFP cells under the ELERIX brand. Part of the testing isthe verification of the thermal performance for the cells.

This photo set shows the results of the high current over charge testing.The cells is discharged with 210Amp cu

23.Mar 2021
| Blog
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