The smallest LFP charger you've ever seen!

Have you heard that LiFePO4 chargers have to be big and heavy? What if we told you that it can fit in your pocket? Now literally anyone can install ELERIX LFP 12 V batteries thanks to the "mini pocket" devices for charging, balancing and diagnostics.

  • Charging current - 0.1-20 A
  • Nominal voltage - 10-34 V
  • Best balance between size and performance
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    NEW MEANWELL LFP 120W chargers - 12V/24V/48V in stock!

    We bring you a brand new range of MEANWELL chargers for LFP cells and batteries! These are 120W chargers that are compatible with lead (flooded, gel, AGM) and li-ion (lithium-iron, lithium-manganese) batteries.

  • Class I power unit (with FG)
  • Equipped with standard IEC320-C14 AC input
  • 2 or 3-stage charge control
  • output voltages ranging from 10.5 VCD - 60.8 VCD
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    Limited time offer on Winston 12V 40Ah and 60Ah!

    These premium quality monolithic 12V batteries have no PCM (no electronics) inside. They consist of finely balanced cells with identical power output.

    These batteries are suitable for all traction applications including electric vehicles. They are also fully suitable for stationary applications - such as energy storage. They can also be used for starting internal combustion engines.

  • Technology - LiFePO4
  • Max. discharge current - 3 C
  • Peak discharge current - 10 C
  • Can be used in boats, caravans or campervans
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    ELERIX 30Ah LTO cells are back in stock!

    Have you heard of LTO (Lithium Titanate) cells? LTO is one of the most advanced technologies in the battery world today. These cells have an amazing lifespan (over 20,000 cycles) and extremely fast charging and discharging characteristics. Add to that the ability to operate in really low temperatures (down to -40°C) and you will never want another cell!

  • Technology - Lithium Titanate (LTO)
  • Compact, lightweight and very powerful
  • Maximum discharge current - 6C
  • Operating temperature - from -40 °C to +60 °C
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    ELERIX All-black Half-cut Solar modules have just arrived!

    These modules are made using half-cut technology, which means the modules have been split in half - so they have twice the number of smaller cells. This gives them a number of advantages, such as lower electrical resistance and associated better performance. Making the individual cells smaller also reduces the risk of damage due to cracking. By dividing the panel into two halves, the upper part operates independently of the lower part, which is particularly appreciated when one half is shaded.

  • Maximum power - 415 Wp
  • Cell technology - monocrystalline, PERC half-cut
  • Efficiency - 21.25%
  • Beautiful all-black design

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