Let us to wish you a wonderful year 2021!

In 2021, we will expand our brand ELERIX with new products, new Modular products for monitoring, new Battery Cells, new Solar Panels. Keep your eyes on the shop and Social media :)

We are also changing the strategy of our Solar Panel offer. Expect huge stock availability with lower pricing. All popular panels, including new Shingled technology, large 450Wp+, and more. We will kick this out in March.

Here is the early bird Elerix 135Wp Shingled panel available in the second half of January 2021.

New cells on the horizon, over 10 unique samples of Battery Cells are being tested in our laboratory right now, with more on the way. We will really expand the technological diversity and availability of our Battery Cells in 2021.

Let us to wish you a wonderful year 2021!

Temporary limitation of personal pick up

Temporary limitation of personal pick up
Dear customer,

GWL is working and ready to help you.
However due to government general restrictions based on the current world situation, GWL temporarily does not offer personal pick up as the shipping option in the e-shop.

Shipping agencies are working and we recommend to choose that option instead of personal pickup.

Thank you for understanding.

New protective battery pack box

Modular metal box makes the battery pack construction easy task and also protects the battery from any physical damage during use. Constructed specially for Winston 40Ah and 100Ah cells (48V pack) but can be also used for any other cells that fits in. The Battery Pack Flexi (BPF) is ideal match for our recent CPM board and BCC board.

See the offer of boxes here.

IFPP50 and IFPE110 are on stock again.

We have just got new delivery including the popular high density LiFePO4 cells in Aluminum case. Check their performace and competitive prices.

IFPP50 - Lithium Cell LiFePO4 (3.2V/50Ah) - 230Wh/l

IFPE110 - Lithium Cell LiFePO4 (3.2V/110Ah) - 252Wh/l

Czech Sustainable House - Waking up the Beast to LiFe

The big day D came and we finally turned on the Beast to life. Introduction of the installed parts.

See the video on Youtube

Switching-on the off-grid. Michal, the brain of the whole system for the Czech Sustainable House, introduces you the functions of the Beast. You'll also see the real power of the GWL crew.

Czech Sustainable House project

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