GWL Group a.s. is CLOSED DOWN.

GWL Group a.s. is CLOSED DOWN.
Today, 1st of July, GWL Group a.s. business on e-shop, and therefore Business as whole, has been closed down.
This is a part of ongoing Insolvency processing of GWL Group. All order that were created and paid before 1st of July will be processed. We are not accepting any new orders.

AMVOLT 14 kWh LV Energy Box

Scalable compact Energy Box from the Czech Republic.

AMVOLT's technical philosophy is to build open storage systems in the Czech Republic from individual battery cells and interchangeable standardized components. This significantly extends the life of the entire storage system compared to the now widespread closed, non-repairable battery boxes and drawers.

The AMVOLT LV Energy Boxes are intentionally designed to allow the customer to have the option of any future expansion, modification or service without depending on the AMVOLT itself.

AMVOLT LV Energy Box is designed for 16 pieces of ELERIX EX L280 LiFePO4 cells with an operating voltage of 51.2 V. Battery cells are manufactured according to EN IEC 62619 and have been tested in accordance with this standard (tested by TÜV Rheinland).

Simple to assemble pre-configured set for photovoltaic power plant

Our engineers have created this pre-configured kit for you to build your own photovoltaic power plant. The selected products are therefore 100% compatible with each other.

In addition to the great price, this set impresses with its elegant solution with a Grid-Tied inverter with power limiter, and a scalable ELERIX storage system based on LiFePo4 batteries with an output of 5 kW.

In the package you will also find a professional Epever MPPT, high-quality ELERIX solar panels with a peak power of 410 Wp, a set of connectors, a two-wire cable and stress holders for the panels.

If you still don't know what to do with the wiring, don't despair and call our technical support, which is included in the price. For more information on this set, please see the product detail.

Pre-configured solar water heating set now in our offer

This simple but effective water heating set includes the GF-SUN-2000G2 grid tied inverter and ELERIX solar panels with a maximum output of 410 Wp. It stands out for its excellent price/performance ratio and ease of installation.

The kit is recommended for use in cottages and smaller summer houses where there is a low level of electricity supply, an overloaded power grid or limited possibilities to use other sources for water heating.

The SUN 2000 VA line inverter with limiter (GTIL) is connected only to the boiler electrical circuit and operates only when the boiler is heating water (if its heating is on). This always draws power from the entire boiler so that no overflows to the mains (or indication overflows) can occur. In the event of a failure of the system components (boiler, inverter contactor), the system is protected in the no-current mode by an inverter overflow limiter.

Did this set catch your eye? Take a closer look here.

Robust Cegasa modular storage now at a better price

Don't miss out on modular storage from Cegasa at a great price. Cegasa engineers have designed this energy storage system to create a battery that is simple, fast and intuitive to install, while allowing connection to any 48Vdc inverter, whether it is plugged into the grid or in an isolated installation.

A self-powered system that doesn't need communication to be fully functional, want to know how much power you have? Just look at the charge status indicator.

  • LiFePO4 technology from Cegasa
  • Ready to use fully installed from the factory
  • 48 V working voltage
  • Capacity: 280 Ah
  • Modular system 13.4 kWh kWh per module up to 54 kWh

    If the Cegasa Energy Storage caught your eye, take a look at the remaining parametres.

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