GWL remain operational during COVID-19

GWL remain operational during COVID-19
Amid the outbreak of COVID-19 in EU, GWL is remaining in near full operation.
We have applied a wide spectrum of preventional and protective measures in our warehouse and offices.

To date, we still continue in usual processing, currently, we do not plan any major restrictions to be done.

- Our warehouse is fully capable of fulfilling your orders
- Our shipping partners are operational
- We accept all orders
- You can reach us by phone, email or at social network accounts
- Our stock is sufficient for the majority of products with new shipments on the way

Personal pick up, Cash on Delivery and Payments by cash at our office remains disabled until further notice.

Keep safe and stay healthy!

Temporary limitation of personal pick up

Temporary limitation of personal pick up
Dear customer,

GWL is working and ready to help you.
However due to government general restrictions based on the current world situation, GWL temporarily does not offer personal pick up as the shipping option in the e-shop.

Shipping agencies are working and we recommend to choose that option instead of personal pickup.

Thank you for understanding.

New GWL URL address

New GWL URL address
Starting today, the URL address of our e-shop is now shop.gwl.eu

All existing functions remains (or so we hope! let us know if you encounter any difficulty).

You can still use the shop.gwl.eu address, we will simply redirect you on the new home, no changes required. This is ongoing process of our full rebranding to GWL. With two baseline websites in use, www.gwl.eu and shop.gwl.eu

All our emails remains same, with the domain @gwl.eu

Happy shopping!

Expert opinion

Expert opinion
Following the video of mechanical damage tests, we also conducted the chemical testing on the leaking vapors during cell breakdown. The test was concluded by authorized laboratory in Czech.

Mechanical damage of cells will result in unhealthy substances, precaution and prevention are recommended.

See more details here

How toxic can be the damaged Lithium cells? We test it.

How toxic can be the damaged Lithium cells? We test it.
We used the fire ax to harm the shell of the cell to cause damage like a short circuit. Catch the released steam, measure the pressure and composition of all gas emissions. The toxic gas hydrogen fluoride is the most dangerous in this case and it is necessary to ensure rapid dilution with fresh air.

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