The beauty amongst all solar panels - Full Black

Have you ever looked at your roof and told yourself: "Great! Now I'm energy self-sufficient...but I wish it looked better on my roof" ?

Our elegant full black version of a solar panel could help you out in this case and get you rid of this thought.

With a combination of the black color of cells (mono), black frame and black cover of busbars, the solar panel makes an attractive full black design which looks great on a house roof and gives the panel a nice “neutral” look.

The full black design of panels is then the opposite
of the classic poly design, where the poly cells, on the other hand, create a blue-ish look.

Well, just look at the picture, where you can spot the differences :)

More information and pictures:
Solar panel GWL/Sunny Mono 330Wp 60 cells, PERC
(Full Black)


Solar panel GWL/Sunny Poly 285Wp 60 cells, (ESP285)

Caravan/RV lovers, attention! New guide available!

Dear caravanners,

If you haven’t already seen it, you might check our new guide which we prepared for you in a form of an installation manual brochure. Available for download in both languages – English & Czech.

The manual is based on the most frequent questions which you may ask yourself before starting your Caravan/RV project. Questions such as - What type of power connection to choose? What battery to choose and where and how to install it? All these and more are answered in our descriptive guide.

Get your project going and be ready before the upcoming summer season. Caravans/RVs are during the pandemic the most convenient way to travel. :)

New ELERIX Solar Panels are on the way

Finding out that some of the large Solar Panels that suit your roof are currently out of stock?

We are expecting a big stock of new ELERIX large Solar Panels:
POLY 285Wp, MONO 320Wp, All black MONO 330Wp, large 450Wp

If you wish to order several pallets or even a whole container, you may do it, because the first wave of new ELERIX Solar Panels will be available at the beginning of April and the stock is going to be large!

Would you like to do any preorders? Please, let our sales team know at contacts

Cable Management Solution for Lithium Batteries by GWL

Installations of Lithium batteries have never been easier.

GWL/Modular connection sets will help you to simply make nice and clean wiring for your batteries without making a mess.

It's a great product for connecting GWL Cell Performance Monitor (CPM) to Winston batteries but it can be used with a wide range of different types of BMS modules.

We prepared for you a short video where we demonstrate the usage of these Connection sets → YouTube

EVBIKE assortment now available only at a specialized E-shop

Dear customers,

please let us inform you that all EVBIKE assortment can be now purchased only at a specialized E-shop

Guys from EVBIKE will make sure that your goods will be delivered in 2-7 days. They will also provide free technical support if you encounter any issues.

Their specialized offer of goods is delivered in EU countries by UPS or can be picked up personally from the Prague warehouse.

Also, EVBIKE is open to any wholesale cooperation.
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