GBS LiFePO4 High Power battery pack (12V/30Ah)

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Lithium High Power 12V Battery pack use LiFePO4 technology with capacity 30Ah

About GBS

GBS is a high-tech manufacturer who specializes in developing and manufacturing of LiFeMnPO4 power battery packs. GBS owns a patented environmentaly friendly solvent binder (which replaces “PVDF”) and creates a unique scalable battery cell design. GBS has developed more than 10 battery products with single cell capacities ranging from 20AH to 400AH. They are the ideal energy sources not only for electric bikes, scooters, hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), but also for energy storage devices used in solar and wind electricity generation applications and other multi-power systems, as well as military use.


  • Superior safety performance due to patented new safety valve and pressure cap designs.
  • Safer chemistry minimizes risks of explosion and fire when batteries are shorted or punctured resulting in internal shorts.
  • Robust connection due to new electrode terminal design using four screws per terminal. This helps prevent loose connections caused by vibration.
  • Reduced impedance due to improved electrode terminal design.
  • Improved cycle life.

Basic Performance

  • Output with high rate. Instantaneous impulse discharge current can reach 10C for 2 seconds.
  • Good performance at high temperature. It can work at 65°C with safe and good battery structure.
  • Good performance at low temperature. Discharge capacity is no less than 90% of rated capacity when discharging with 1C at -2°C;no less than 70% of rated capacity with 0.33C.
  • Good safety performance. When the pressure inside the battery is too large, the one-way safety valve will release gas and heat to make sure battery works well. When the internal pressure reaches a certain level, the valve will be open immediately which can protect the battery from burning and explosion.
  • Good cycle life. The discharge capacity is still over 80% after 3000 cycles of charge and discharge (80%DOD).
  • Fast charging. It can be charged to 80% within 0.5h and charged full with 1h.
  • Low cost.
  • Environmentally friendly. No pollution during production and usage.

Introduction of new GBS 12V Lithium batteries

Pay attention to

Attention: Please read and understand the safety Guidelines and Instructions before using or changing GBS Lithium ion battery. Failure to do so may result in fire, personal injuiry, or property damage if it is used improperly.

  • Do not make the battery Short Circuit,do not over charge and discharge.
  • Please charge the new battery to full capacity before discharge for the first use.
  • The battery pack is fixed with plate and strip before delivery, do not disassemble the plate and strip when using the battery.
  • Checking the voltage of battery, normally it is 12.8V-13.2V.
  • Fix BMS for battery pack and protect single cell to avoid over charge and over-discharge.
  • Please use copper part to connect battery packs and fix with hydraulic pressure plier. We could also provide the relevantconnection which fixed with screws.
  • The charger used should be approved by our company in order to match with our lithium batteries.
  • It will shorten battery cycle lifetime and damage battery due to overcharge and over-discharge if not do according to the above . It won’t be within our company warranty.

GWL Cell Performance Monitor


Supporting LTO chemistry.

  • When exceeding the user-adjustable minimum or maximum of any cell, CPM module closes or opens the output contacts for the relay coils.
  • It brings the lowest and highest cell voltages of the cells in pack to separate outputs (for monitoring measurements or for connection of the LED display or the communication module).
  • The multi-colour LEDs indicate the highest and lowest voltage cells and the operating status of the module.
  • It has very low power consumption and a built-in function of battery emergency disconnection from the powered system, including self-disconnection and shutdown.
  • It is part of the GWL/Modular series, i.e., it is an open-source solution that is and will be compatible with the related GWL products and with other commonly available components.
  • The quality of the design, versatility and technical support options make it suitable for industrial applications and sophisticated home installation solutions.

  • Weight (kg) 3,7
    Height (mm) 216
    Width (mm) 128
    Depth (mm) 97
    Nominal Voltage (V) 12,8
    Capacity (Ah) 30
    Max discharge current (A) 90
    Optimal discharge current (A) 15
    Max charging current (A) 30
    Optimal charging current (A) 7,5
    icon GBS LiFePO4 High Power battery pack (12V/30Ah) Lithium High Power 12V Battery pack use LiFePO4 technology with capacity 30Ah 125.00$
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