Battery Charger LFP 600W - 24V/21A (Max 28.8V)

Charger 24V/20A for LFP/LTO cells (8 cells), BMS input
Manufacturer: MEANWELL
Art.#: MW-PB-600-24
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Shipping weight: 2.86 kg
Intelligent single output battery charger; 27.6V; 21A; 600W

Product description

Charger for lead-acid batteries (flooded, Gel and AGM) and Li-ion batteries (lithium iron and lithium manganese).

Product features

  • 2/3/8 stage charging
  • Built-in battery rescue function
  • Controlled by microprocessor
  • Universal AC input / Full range
  • Built-in active PFC function PF>0.95
  • Protection: Reverse polarity / Short circuit / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • 3 color LED loading indicator
  • Built-in remote ON-OFF control
  • Built-in temperature compensation function
  • Built-in fan speed control (depends on charging current)

  • Technical specification

  • Float charge voltage (Vfloat): 27.6V
  • Boost charge voltage (Vboost): 28.8V
  • Output current: 21A
  • Recommended battery capacity: 70 ~ 210Ah

  • Block diagram

    Block diagram

    Charging curve

    Charging curve
    Weight (kg) 2.2
    Height (mm) 67
    Width (mm) 158
    Depth (mm) 230
    Nominal Voltage (V) 27.6
    Max. voltage (V) 28.8
    Charging current (A) 21
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    icon Battery Charger LFP 600W - 24V/21A (Max 28.8V) Intelligent single output battery charger; 27.6V; 21A; 600W 210.60$
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