EPEVER MPPT Solar Charger 12/24/36V/48 V, 60A, Input 150V, LCD UI (Tracer6415An)

Manufacturer: EPEVER
Art.#: REG-XTRA6415AN
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Professional MPPT solar charger supporting wide range of batteries (Lead-acid, GEL and Lithium based technologies), suitable for 12 V, 24 V, 36 V or even 48 V systems with rated current 60 A. PV input voltage can be up to 150 V.

Demonstration video of wiring MPPT tracker

Solar charger controller made by EPsolar is DC/DC charger with integrated advanced MPPT technology. It adopts the water-proof design with IP32 class and increase the professional protection chip for the communication port.
Main function of this charger is to harvest as much energy from your PV modules and charge connected battery as fast as possible, but with the best care for long battery lifetime.

For specific parameters, please click at Parameters folder above.

The charger has a LCD and control buttons for easy monitoring and settings. The charger is delivered with default settings for lead-acid batteries. For change settings to lithium battery type, connection to PC via RJ45-USB cable. is needed. Then use PC software for change the settings.

Please donwload PC Software for Solar Charger Controller


  • This MPPT charger is suitable for any off-grid application. Tha charger has neutral grounding
  • Battery type profiles: Sealed, Floated, Gel, User
  • Efficiency of MPPT technology is no less than 99,5%
  • Automatic limitation of the charging power and current
  • Real time energy statistics function
  • Support RS-485 communication bus interfase and Modbus communication protocol
  • Wide range of electronoc protections


  • PV over current
  • PV short circuit
  • PV reverse polarity
  • Night reverse charging
  • Battery reverse polarity
  • Battery over voltage
  • Battery over discharge
  • Battery overheating
  • Load short circuit
  • Load overload
  • Controller overheating

Note: Never let the solar charger connected with PV modules and without connected battery same time. Battery connection is mandatory, otherwise you it can damage the charger!

Operational temperature (°C) -25 až +50 °C
Weight (kg) 4.5
Max output current (A) 60
Height (mm) 340
Width (mm) 236
Depth (mm) 119
Nominal Voltage (V) 12. 24. 36. 48
Max. input voltage (V) 150
Technology MPPT
icon EPEVER MPPT Solar Charger 12/24/36V/48 V, 60A, Input 150V, LCD UI (Tracer6415An) Professional MPPT solar charger supporting wide range of batteries... 224.07$
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