SUNMAN flexi panels support, 5 stripes set

Manufacturer: SUNMAN
Art.#: SNM-CS1.0
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Complet flexi solar panel support, set with 5 stripes per 1 panel


Product description

Complet flexi solar panel support consisting of 5 stripes in one set and determinated for 1 flexi solar panel. Each stripe can be extended by another one with overlaping. Durable material resisiting low and high temperatures.

  • 25 years lifetime
  • The weight of the system is less than 4.5kg/m2
  • B1 grade fire resistance class for buildings
  • Size 1 stripe 1130x100x24mm

  • Higher power generation

    Enhance air ventilation, improve module heat dissipation, and increase power generation by about 5% compared to directly paste.

    Excellent conformability

    Avoiding unevenness of the roof and enhacing adhesion..

    Non-demanding installation

    The adhesive installation method avoids penetrating the original roof structure and does not effect the original waterproof performance of the roof.


    New composite material with special treatment, excellent anti-corrosion and anti-aging ability, no degradation of performance after 1000 hours of damp heat test.

    Mechanical load performance

    2400Pa mechanical load, 45m/s wind tunel test, stable and reliable installation.

    Roof protection

    No heat transfer contact between module and roof, reduce UV radiation from roof, reduce roof temperature.


    Cleaning of the bonding area

    Cleaning of the bonding area

    Positioning of the installation area and cleaning of the bonding area with special cleaning agents.

    Adjusting the length of the holder

    Adjusting length of the holder

    Overlap two CS supports with adjacent waves and use structural adhesive at the lap.

    Adjusting the length of the holder

    CS supports bonding

    Install CS supports with a adhesive specified by Sunman according to the type of roofing material. Each module uses five CS supports.

    Gluing panels at the ribs

    Gluing panels at the ribs

    Gluing at the ribs of the CS support, installing and flattering the assembly, placing the junction box side at the service walkway, and rolling the surface of the module with a plastic roller to ensure a good bond between the module and the CS supports.

    Adjacent modules installation

    Adjacent modules installation

    Continue to install adjacent modules in the same way and connect cables.

    Complete the installation

    Complete the installation

    Complete the installation of the remaining modules.


    Table of adhesives for use on different roof surfaces

    The adhesive table below indicates the type of adhesive that can be used for bonding the Composite Support (CS) to various roof surfaces and for bonding the module to the Composite Support (CS).

    FAQ The complet datasheet with technical specification can be found in Documets for download.

    Weight (kg) 2
    Height (mm) 100
    Width (mm) 1130
    Depth (mm) 24
    icon SUNMAN flexi panels support, 5 stripes set Complet flexi solar panel support, set with 5 stripes per 1 panel 10.62$
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