Photovoltaic power station with Grid Tied AC Inverter and Elerix Energy Storage 5,2 kWh

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Photovoltaic power station with Grid Tied AC Inverter and power limiter 2 kW SUN-2000G (45-90V) and Elerix Energy Storage 5,2 kWh).


Product description

The cheapest on grid Photovoltaic power station with Grid Tied AC Inverter and Elerix Energy Storage 5,2 kWh. It is possible to connect it to off-grid network as well as to on (public) grid as a power station: the inverter complies with RFG (Requirement for grid), module A1.
The set is recommended for use in chalets, cottages, flats and houses. Excellent ratio value for money with simple electricity installation gives you an excellent opportunity in freedom for decision making.

Benefits for FREE from GWL !!!


  • Implementation documentation (sample single-pole and wire diagram)
  • List of all necessary components
  • One hour of telephone or e-mail technical support from our technicians for free of charge
  • Pre-sales sales and technical support including list of components
  • Sample documents for connecting the factory (installation document for module A1, protection setup protocol)

  • Component description


    The GF-SUN-2000G2 grid tied inverters with limiter (GTIL) work on their AC output only with the support of el. 230V grid. PV panels or a battery in the appropriate voltage range can be connected to the DC input of the inverter. An internal limiter for power overflows to the grid is included. All necessary data and parameters can be monitored and set on the built-in display.


    Monocrystalline Half Cut photovoltaic panel EXS-410MHC-W with peak power of 410Wp excels with unified silver design (frame, covered busbars, cells). The panel is resistant to salt mist, ammonia, and blowing sand and therefore suitable for seaside, farm, or desert areas. The junction box is enclosed in the IP68 protective casing increasing its long term weather resistance.



    The energy storage is based on LiFePO4 batteries with integrated Battery Management System (BMS) and short-circuit protection. Power output is 48V 100A (5 kW), communication output is CAN and RS485. The outputs are on both sides of the box. The individual 5 kW modules can be scaled with system power and communication connections up to 12 units (master + 11 slaves).


    The professional MPPT solar charger supports wide range of batteries (Lead-acid, GEL and Lithium based technologies). It is suitable for 12 V, 24 V, 36 V or even 48 V systems with rated current 40 A. Perfectly matches to small Photovoltaic power staions with PV input voltage up to 150 V.

    How it works?

    Mode without overflows to the network: Mode without overflows to the network: The power from the PV array is led through a separate solar MPPT controller to the battery terminals, from where it is immediately consumed as needed. or stored for later use.

    Mode with grid overflows: In the event of a fully charged battery, it is possible to switch off the overcurrent limiter and supply power to the mains in surplus mode when the battery is charged to cover its own consumption. The system can be also preset to the supply mode from the battery (reinforcing the off-grid network via AC coupling, covering peaks on a limited power supply from distribution, etc.)

    Basic manual control can be added or replaced by logic with automated switching using contactors, time clocks, etc. Basic inverter display monitoring can be supplemented by additional devices and monitoring via mobile phone and PC.

    Application - Set for the cheapest Photovoltaic power staion

    Application - Electrical wiring diagram

    Package contents

  • 1 pc GridTied AC Inverter With Limiter 2kW GF-SUN-2000G2
  • 6 pcs ELERIX Solar panel Mono Half Cut 410Wp EXS-410MHC-W
  • 1 pc ELERIX Energy storage EX-S5
  • 3 pcs konector (set) MC4 MC4-P
  • 30 m Dual Core Solar Cable 1500V/32A SC6-1M-2C
  • 3 pcs Complete Holder For 2 Panels On Roof With Hooks SCOMP-2H2
  • 1 pc MPPT solar controller REG-XTRA6415N

  • What do you neeed to buy additionaly to make your own Photovoltaic power station? (NOT DELIVERED IN THE PACKAGE)

  • 1 pc DC plastic Junction box 12 modules
  • 4 pcs fuse box 40A
  • 1 pc lugs, sleeves, clamps
  • 6 pcs fuse box 16A
  • 1 pc two-pole fuse disconnector OPV10
  • 1 pc two-pole fuse disconnector OPV14
  • 1 pc single pole circuit breaker 10A
  • 1 pc single pole circuit breaker 6A (control circuit)
  • 1 pc time relay
  • 1 pc single pole contactor 16A, contact opening

  • FAQ We recommend that you leave the installation of the entire system to a professional electrician. Unprofessional installation can cause permanent damage of individual components in the system !!!


    FAQ The complet datasheet with technical specification can be found in Documets for download.

    Weight (kg) 220.5
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