DC Disconnect Switches – a Must!

Any DC powered solution should have the ability for instantaneous protection and disconnection. GWL Team keeps reminding the customers ofand also the quick-to-go disconnection switches.

The DC disconnection switches are ideal to make the safety disconnection for your DC vo

17.May 2022
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GWL Team again at Intersolar 2022!

GWL returns as an exhibitor to the Intersolar 2022. You can meet tour teem atthe booth B2-175. We warmly invite you to come and check the products of theELERIX brandand the new project solutions under the AMVOLT product line.

for further information about the GWL bo

04.May 2022
| Blog

Is This a New Car or is This an Old Car?

In 2021, with the “chip-production” crisis, with the C-19 pandemic and with the other production issues, many of the car manufacturer started facingthe disruption of the production chain.As a result, some of the newly produced cars need to be stocked at the open fields, parkin

29.Apr 2022
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One Megawatt of DC Power at Your Hands

This photo shows a preparation for an installation that will consistof 288 pieces of.

Each 16 cells will be inone block of 48V/1000AH with useful energy of 51 kWh. Each set is connected to a 20 kVA bidirectional DC/AC inverter. Each block can provide 20kVA for

25.Apr 2022
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We Love the ELERIX Family

Can you recognize the most prominent members ofthe ELERIX LiFePO4 or LTO cells?

See the picture and check for yourself, who is who:

  • EX-T30K
  • EX-L50D
  • EX-L50K
  • EX-L100K
  • EX-L135D

Do you know? Check the.

25.Apr 2022
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Switch Your EX! Get Wired!

New photos of theGWL/Modular EX Switch. The project continues with more and more wires added. Simply: Get Wired to switch your AC to DC and the DC to AC.

More details about theGWL/Modular EX Switchto be coming soon!

25.Apr 2022
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A Massive Single Cell Charging – 720 Amps

The photo shows 6 units of theto be used as single cell chargers. The nominal voltage of the power supply isset to 3.6Vand it can charge withup to 120 Amp.

The charging power of the 6 units in parallel will reach3.6V, 720Amps. Is it

25.Apr 2022
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GWL/Modular EX Switch – Moving on!

From the design to the real product. GWL Team keeps working on theGWL/Modular EX Switch. As explained the EX-Switch is a complete switching board solution to be certified according to the EU norms.

We are sending the kisses to the EX-Switch by means of these photos from the installation.


25.Apr 2022
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MEANWELL – the Charging Solution for 12V, 24V, 48V and...

The universal chargers from MEANWELLto charge the battery packs. See the various product lines:

models for 12V, 24V and 48V.

with passive cooling.

, currents 15A to 120A.

MEANWELL = Quality

25.Apr 2022
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MEANWELL HEP-600C – DC Charger 12V/24V/48V 600W

The MEANWELL HEP-600Cis a high efficiency AC/DC charger with passive cooling.This means: fan-less and noiseless.There is no ventilator and air inlet/outlet. For improved cooling the charger should be mounted in a well-ventilated area. If mounted in a closed box, the air flow ventilat

21.Apr 2022
| Blog
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