NEW ELERIX battery cell with 100Ah capacity now in stock!

NEW ELERIX battery cell with 100Ah capacity now in stock!

Our portfolio of compact and powerful ELERIX battery cells has expanded to include a 100Ah cell.

This high-performance cell immediately catches the eye with its excellent price-performance ratio.

  • Maximum discharge current: 1 C (max. 3 min)
  • Peak discharge current: 200 A (max. 30 sec)
  • Energy density: 155 Wh/kg
  • Want to know more about this product? Go ahead and check out the remaining parameters HERE!

    How does the inside of LiFePO4 battery cell look like

    Have you ever wondered what's inside LiFePO4 battery cells?

    Thanks to the CT scan, we are going to show you, what is hidden inside 3 different battery cells.

    The first one is from Winston ThunderSky and the remaining two are from ELERIX.

    Watch on Youtube

    Opening time during Christmas holiday

    Dear GWL customers. With the upcoming Christmas holidays and New Year celebration, we will operate on the following days:

    24.12. - Closed
    27.12. - Open
    28.12. - Open
    29.12. - Open
    30.12. - Open
    31.12. - Closed

    Closed days means we will not be available on phone/e-mail, shipping will be stopped and personal pick-up is unavailable.
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused and wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Christmas OFFER of ELERIX 550Wp black solar panels!

    Are you also already thinking about a photovoltaic project for next year?

    Then we have great news for you! We have just launched a pallet sale of the latest ELERIX 550Wp solar panels.

    You can take a look at their specifications below – they are quite impressive.

  • Excellent module efficiency up to: 18.42%
  • IP68 junction box for long-term weather endurance
  • Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa
  • Wind load up to 3600 Pa
  • Applicable to the harsh environment of deserts, farmlands, and seasides
  • Much lower risk of Hot Spot
  • Want to see all the benefits in more detail? Feel free to do so here!

    NEW MEAN WELL line of durable chargers is here!

    NEW MEAN WELL line of durable chargers is here!

    Because surrounding conditions are not always ideal for battery charging, Mean Well has come up with a line of durable LiFePO4 chargers for use in harsh environment. They are waterproof and, thanks to their aluminum construction, almost unbreakable.

    What other features make this line so special?

  • high efficiency up to 95.5%
  • fanless design, cooling by free air convection
  • capable of working under high vibration (10G)
  • resistent to dusty, humid, and oily environment
  • wide operation range: - 40 ~+70°C
  • adjustable voltage/current
  • Did anything catch your eye? Take a look at our entire portfolio of Mean Well LiFePO4 chargers here!

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