GWL Wallbox for EV charging already in stock!

Do you think a quality wallbox has to be expensive? Then we will gladly convince you otherwise. This electric vehicle charger is equipped with a 5m direct cable, T2 plug and a power output of up to 11 kW.

  • Compatible with the TN-S power grid (e.g. Czech Republic).
  • Compatible with IT grid (e.g. Norway)
  • Can be extended with a wireless dynamic limitation kit to prevent tripping of the main circuit breaker

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  • 09.06.22
    NEW 375 Wp Flexi modules - PREORDER NOW!

    Need a powerful, flexible and lightweight solar panel?

    We've got you covered - this piece has an impressive peak power of 375 Wp and is made from a composite material that is 70% lighter than conventional solar panels, making it ideal for use on house facades, but it will also find its place in off-grid systems such as the roof of a cottage, caravan or boat.

  • can be installed on curved surface
  • light structure - significantly reduced transportation cost
  • high durability and aesthetically pleasing design

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  • 27.05.22
    OlifeEnergy WallBox is ready for pre-order!

    Looking for a durable outdoor charging station for your electric car? Then look no further. We introduce the OlifeEnergy Wallbox, which is compatible with all electric vehicles on the EU market with an alternating current (AC) power of up to 22 kW. It is designed for outdoor use and installation in the garage, with the possibility of installation in a wall or on a profile anchored in the ground.

    The "Base" version can operate locally, i.e. start charging. Automatically as soon as the vehicle is connected or after RfID identification cards. The power of the station can be controlled locally between 0 and 22 kW units.

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    Small but powerful - new ELERIX 12 V already on stock!

    ELERIX batteries are typically characterized by their compact size and high energy density. This is also the case here. Thanks to these advantages, this brand new line is perfectly suited for use in light electromobility (scooters and electric bikes), where every extra kilo and every extra centimetre counts.

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  • Energy density ranges from 120-130 Wh/kg
  • Incredibly small size
  • Weight between 0.67-3.2 kg

    Would you like more information about this line? There's nothing easier than looking at the product specs and picking the one that fits you best!

  • 12.05.22
    Intersolar 2022 - GWL Stand Buil-up

    Even though Intersolar is already underway, are you wondering how the construction of our stand went?

    It wasn't exactly easy maneuvering with the container energy storage, but everything worked out well in the end and you really have something to look forward to at Intersolar - whether you're looking forward to large modular energy storage from GWL's AMVOLT division or checking out the latest in the battery cell category from TS Winston and ELERIX!

    Check out our short video from the build-up.

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