YinLong LTO Battery Cells 45Ah are now available!

The YinLong battery cells are here even with more power now
- 45Ah types.

What is great about these cells?
  • Can be charged in 6 minutes
  • Life-span about 30 000 cycles
  • Very safe LTO technology - no ignition, no explosion
  • Wide temperature range -50°C to 65°C

A few years ago we made a popular video about
YinLong battery cells.The video describes the usage and advantages of these cells.

You can watch the video here → YouTube video about LTO YinLong Cells

New ELERIX LFP cells 110Ah and 50Ah are in stock!

They are here! The new, high-quality LFP cells are available for purchase now.

ELERIX 110Ah & 50Ah cell excels especially in:

  • Well tested high quality = high production for long lifespan
  • The practical size and weight
  • Diverse suitability: electric vehicles, lightweight application, energy storage

Why do we recommend ELERIX Cells?

GWL always tries to offer the best, our company-tested products for reasonable prices. One of the successful outcomes that came out through our precise testing and deep analysis is the new brand - ELERIX. The cells labeled by this brand can assure you the highest quality for a good price.

Learn more about ELERIX

This is just the beginning of ELERIX cells...more cell types are coming soon!

Thank you for your reviews. We score 4.9 on Google now!

We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us.

What our customers mostly appreciate on us is - fast communication, fast delivery, good prices.

As the whole world moves forward, GWL moves along with it. We’re constantly enhancing our services to meet your expectations. We know that punctuality, communication and customer satisfaction are n1 priorities in the e-commerce industry nowadays. We are happy to see the confirmation based on your reviews that we are doing it right.

Thanks to you GWL is moving forward! Who knows, maybe we will be sending out drones soon carrying the batteries to your place the same day you ordered them :)

→GWL Google reviews←

How does PERC work? - YouTube video

A new YouTube video was released for you from
our GWL production.

Find out more about the Solar Panel improvements and how they work, whether it's efficiency upgrade - PERC or design upgrade
- Full Black, all these tech solar panel innovations are shown in the YouTube video.

Presented solar panel:
Solar Panel Mono 330 Wp, PERC, Full Black

New ELERIX Solar Panels are HERE!

We are currently fully restocked with new ELERIX Solar Panels which can be delivered to your place within 3 days (EU) .

We are ready to satisfy any demand now. Whether you wish to buy one pallet or 5 pallets...does not matter, we got a lot. Order in bulk and secure volume discounts.

The types of solar panels available:

ELERIX Solar Panel Poly 285 Wp
ELERIX Solar Panel Mono 320 Wp
GWL/Sunny Solar Panel Mono 330 Wp, PERC, Full Black
ELERIX Solar Panel Mono 450 Wp, PERC
ELERIX Solar Panel Mono 135 Wp, PERC,Shingled, Full Black

Summer season is coming up and the sun will be shining!

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