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Our experts at GWL have put together useful guide which answers 14 of the most frequently asked questions for you, along with lots of interesting tips and hints - all written in a way that both experts and the general public can understand.

Wondering how difficult it is to install solar panels, how efficient they are, or how storing electricity generated from the sun works?

We answer all of these questions in the latest addition to our e-book series, which you can buy in our e-shop or download for free here!

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Shingled technology - Video presentation

What makes the new Elerix Shingled technology so great?

  1. The cells are made of strips that overlap. There are no more idle gaps, so the module has a larger active area which increases the power output and module efficiency.

  2. The Elerix Shingled modules use an electrically conductive adhesive that connects the silicon strips. This reduces the need for the busbars.

  3. And they look nicer

Would you like to learn more? Check out our new YouTube video where we describe the advantages in more detail :)

"The Corset"

Do you need to use the cells in parallel to reach higher capacity?

The CORSET by GWL is a metal holder for lithium cells to keep them tight together in a desired shape or configuration.The CORSET is used to support a group of cells and make them into a firm pack. Unlike a customized battery holder, the corset is made of simple, industrially available components and allows to be disassembled and reused.

The CORSET mounts the cells together, holds them tightly and also protects the cells against bulging or swelling. Additionally, the CORSET protects the cells against mechanical damage.

Check the design files at the GWL Github

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