Discounted PV panels!

GWL's PV panel pallet sale!

Get the solar panel just for 41.90$/pcs!

GWL/POWER Solar panel Mono 120 Wp
→ Save 25% by purchasing the whole pallet!

GWL/POWER Solar panel Mono 180 Wp
→ Save 23% by purchasing the whole pallet!

Don't let this limited offer to run away from you - the offer is valid while stock lasts!

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We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us.

What our customers mostly appreciate on us is - fast communication, fast delivery, good prices.

As the whole world moves forward, GWL moves along with it. We’re constantly enhancing our services to meet your expectations. We know that punctuality, communication and customer satisfaction are n1 priorities in the e-commerce industry nowadays. We are happy to see the confirmation based on your reviews that we are doing it right.

Thanks to you GWL is moving forward! Who knows, maybe we will be sending out drones soon carrying the batteries to your place the same day you ordered them :)

→GWL Google reviews←

How's life with an OFF-GRID PV system?

Are you curious in which cases is necessary to have the OFF-GRID PV system to achieve troubleless living?

In the new video from GWL production, you will find out how GWL's OFF-GRID PV system helped the community garden and how the whole system is installed.

You will also get to meet Marco, the owner of the project Pasture. Marco will reveal the obstacles and difficulties he had to face while building/running the off-grid community garden.

If you are a tech geek who is interested only in the description of the system installation and would like to skip the whole interview, jump to 10:42 second.

→Pasture Garden YouTube Video←

To get more tech information, visit our references where we dedicated a good portion of the text to the Pasture Garden project. :)

Flexible solar panels!

Looking for flexibility and for a possibility to bend the panel all-round?

These ultra-light flexible solar panels are perfect for your off-grid installations, lightweight applications, campers/caravans, basically for any installation where you need to reach an extra angle and fit the panel onto a curved surface.

Main benefits:

  • extremely light - weighs 70% less than conventional PV panels.
  • flexible - patented material with other industry-leading technologies to produce superior flexible crystalline - silicon panel which can be installed on a curved surface.

Interested in more details? GWL made a video about the panels where all the benefits are presented → YouTube Video - Flexible panels ←

Shop for →SUNMAN Solar panel Flexi

The QUEEN is here!

The QUEEN with 135 Ah capacity has finally arrived!

  • 3000 cycles / 15 years calendar life
  • Discharge up to 1C-135A, peak at 270A
  • Small (148x103x79 mm) and light (2.63 kg)
  • Safe - no spontaneous combustion, no toxic chemicals
  • Suitable for energy storage, electric vehicles and lightweight applications


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