Battery protection and monitoring, BMS123 Smart GEN3

New version of BMS123 Smart Generation 3, the passive lithium battery balancing system supporting LiFePO4, LTO, Li-ion chemistry.

New features:
- LTO compatible, Operates on cell voltages between 1.5V and 5.0V.
- High accuracy State of Charge monitoring
- Error history to see when what cell and which error occurred.
- More accurate temperature measurement near the cell pole.
...and more

Video introduction:
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12V cell packs, 30Ah / 100Ah and 200Ah

Ready made 12V cell packs, made from higher density cells in capacity versions 30Ah, 100Ah and 200Ah.
You can connect the packs in serial or parallel with original terminal connectors.

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Solar panels in pack of 4 or whole pallete

In effort to provide highly demanded Solar panels in efficient packing.
The most popular POLY 285Wp, MONO 310Wp and MONO PERC 330Wp are now available with improved pricing in 4-pack and as a whole palette.

You can find the complete offer of Solar Panels on the shop.

We continue to improve the availability of these highly sought after panels. With several container shipments on the way.

Personal pickup available, GWL in standard operation

Personal pickup available, GWL in standard operation
We are now again accepting orders for personal pickup at our Prague office/warehouse.

Note, international travel restrictions are still in place at many borders and therefore we strongly recommend to check the options of traveling to Czech Republic before ordering with the Personal pickup.
GWL offices and the warehouse ramps are open for visit to take the goods but the requirement of covered mouth and nose remain at least till end of May.

All Delivery forwarders are working and available, at the moment it is still preferable to let the goods be carried by forwarder directly to your home.

New Flexible Panels on stock

Brand new flexible panels by SUNMAN on stock
The frameless design with special surface coating and adhesive tape is the evolution of all previous Flexible panels.

Extremely light, around 70% lighter than standard panels. Very flexible technology without microcracks or power degradation.

Available in 100Wp, 175Wp or 300Wp variants.

See all SUNMAN Flexible panels.
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