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GWL is aspiring to bring the newest battery and solar technologies closer to the European customer. Since 2003 we envision renewable energy in any form or shape to be a key component of the path towards a sustainable, greener world. Our contribution is the distribution, development, and testing of products that help thousands of Europeans to achieve their sustainable goals.

We are excited and challenged by increased interest in solar and battery solutions. Today we work actively with many similarly minded businesses to push the renewable limits a bit further, be it electric bus, locomotive, vehicle, or ESS.

We believe that our products are the future and that's what makes us so persistent and eager to keep going forward.

"The one whose main goal is the financial profit can never be successful."


Product availability

Our warehouse is ideally located in the Czech Republic, or as it is sometimes called in the heart of Europe. This allows us to process and ship your order on the same day with the product usually taking 2-3 days at most to get from us to your home (in Europe).

We keep approximately 15 MWh of LFP cells and batteries in stock (equivalent to roughly 8-year consumption of an average household) and solar panels with a capacity of over 4.4 MWp (ca. 20 000 m2 which translates into an area equivalent to about 3 football pitches).

You can easily check the availability of all our products in the gwl. eu shop. If you are not sure if we deliver to your region, go ahead and check our delivery options.

Product testing

GWL makes sure that all products from our offer were rigorously inspected and tested before sale, and only the highest quality products make it into our portfolio. All of our products are supplied exclusively from proven manufacturers.

For most of the products available, customers can obtain an extended warranty of up to 5 years upon request. For more information, please visit our FAQ.

Interested in how we test our products? Check out our technical blog with more than 1500 articles which is available to everyone and free of charge!


GWL Milestones


Year 2021 - Batteries delivered to customers: 25 821 MWh, annual report 2021
Year 2019 - Batteries delivered to customers: 21.726 MWh, annual report 2019
Year 2018 - Batteries delivered to customers: 17.780 MWh, annual report 2018
Year 2017 - Batteries delivered to customers: 18.530 MWh, annual report 2017
Year 2016 - Batteries delivered to customers: 19.866 MWh, annual report 2016
Year 2015 - Batteries delivered to customers: 21.194 MWh, annual report 2015
Year 2014 - Batteries delivered to customers: 21.862 MWh, annual report 2014
Year 2013 - Batteries delivered to customers: 15.801 MWh, annual report 2013
Year 2012 - Batteries delivered to customers: 11.138 MWh
Year 2011 - Batteries delivered to customers: 4.375 MWh
Year 2010 - Batteries delivered to customers: 1.299 MWh
Year 2009 - Batteries delivered to customers: 0.196 MWh
Year 2008 - Batteries delivered to customers: 0.003 MWh

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