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CEGASA eBick Ultra 175 - High power plug and play modular system for applications from 13 to 54 kWh



Cegasa’s Lithium-LFP technology, the easiest way to store energy

eBick Ultra 175 is Cegasa’s answer to installers looking for a pre-installed, self-managed ”plug-and-go” battery. Ideal for direct replacing lead batteries in existing installations, as well as for new self-consumption, off-grid installations with needs of between 13 and 54kWh.



eBick Ultra 175 is the version of Cegasa’s eBick intended for residential or industrial self-consumption applications up to 54 kWh.
If you are looking for the highest performance in terms of cyclability, safety and weight, at all temperature ranges and with no need for special installations, then eBick Ultra 175 is your answer.
Because lithium can be Ultra without being complicated. Change to eBick Ultra 175!
Cegasa engineers have designed this energy storage system, creating a battery that is fast, intuitive and simple to install, it can also be connected to any 48 Vdc inverter, whether grid-connected or off-grid. A self-managed system that does not require communications for full functionality. Want to know how much energy you have? Just look at the charge indicator included with it.


Easy to move from pallet to final location thanks to the built-in wheels. Plug the Anderson cables together and connect them to your inverter’s input. Enter the recommended values that we give you and your installation is ready for use.
eBick Ultra 175 is now available in 2 options: 13.4 kWh tower or 26.8 kWh tower. These can be combined to a maximum of 2 towers to produce solutions providing 13.4 kWh, 26.8kWh, 40.3 kWh, and 53.7 kWh.
eBick Ultra 175 has been designed for direct replacement of lead-acid batteries in existing installations. Just remove your old lead-acid battery and installing eBick Ultra 175 you get all advantages of Cegasa's Lithium-LFP. Forget the maintenance of your lead-acid batteries and de replacement it just every few years.

CEGASA eBick Ultra 175 advantages





CEGASA eBick Ultra 175 - Many ways of use


Off-Grid Installation




Optional interface (109637) for communication with Victron, Sunny Island, Goodwe, Solis and Studer inverters (charge parameters, battery status, alarm, etc.).

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port for data collection and updating software
  • "SOC" Display using 4 LEDs
  • Requires optional Hub for connecting 2 or more eNerlit SolarGreen modules


Read carefully the User Manual before Installation.


Electrical Characteristics

Battery module





Battery system capacity (kWh) 13,5 27 40,5 54
Voltage (V) 48 48 48 48
Weight (kg) 105 210 315 420
Continuous discharge [A] 140 280 400 475
No parameters attached.
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