GWL/MODULAR Battery Box For LiFeYPO4 40Ah Cells

Manufacturer: GWL/Modular
Art.#: GWL/M-BPF-48V-40Ah
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The GWL BPF (Battery Pack Flexi) module for holding the corresponding 40Ah LiFePO4 original Winston Battery product, model: WB-LYP40AHA cells.

Product description

  • The GWL BPF (Battery Pack Flexi) module contains massive metal frames, side plates and the corresponding connecting materials. These parts can be used easily to construct a box to hold the corresponding LiFePO4 prismatic cells. The BPF module is the basic module in the GWL/Module series; it is a so-called open solution, which is and will continue to be compatible with related GWL products as well as other available components. The quality of all the components, the overall durability of the product as well as its versatility make this module perfect for all different types of industrial applications as well as demanding home installations.

GWL/Modular BPF package contents:
  • The product Modular BPF contains all parts required to construct the metal frame box.
  • The BPF product is designed especially for the indicated size of battery cells.
  • The Lithium-Iron-Phosphate cells by ThunderSky-Winston described in the manual are sold separately and are not part of the product GWL/Modular BPF.

  • Main functions and features

    • Individual cells are attached into the functional whole
    • Mechanical protection of cells during external accidents
    • Mechanical protection of cells during electrical accidents
    • Simple and safe manipulation
    • Simple checks and replacement of components
    • Mechanical readiness for attaching additional extension modules
    • Attractive industrial design, extremely durable

    Usage options

    • Stationary storage of energy
    • Basic box for configurations from 12V to 48V
    • Connection of boxes that is parallel or in a series for increased capacity and voltage
    • Vertical and horizontal box configurations
    • Creation of new solutions based on LiFePO4 technology

    Easy to install

    • The product is supplied as a kit containing frames, sheets, rods and connection accessories. Following the manual attached, the assembly of the whole construction is easy and takes no more than 20 minutes.
    Weight (kg) 5.5
    Height (mm) 205
    Width (mm) 420
    Depth (mm) 276
    icon GWL/MODULAR Battery Box For LiFeYPO4 40Ah Cells The GWL BPF (Battery Pack Flexi) module for holding the corresponding 40Ah... 157.94€
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