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All large capacity lithium batteries are considered as dangerous goods. Even though the LiFePO4 is a very safe technology that does not explode or burn internally, the cells and batteries can store considerable amounts of energy and the release of such energy can cause some hazardous situations.

Please read important informations about batteries here.

The large capacity cells and batteries cannot be transported as ordinary goods. They must be handled in a special way as dangerous goods. The lithium cells and batteries are classified as ADR goods – for special road transportation only.


The transport of all goods classified as Dangerous Goods (ADR) needs to follow global transport regulations. Even though LiFePO4 batteries are extremely durable against abuse and cannot explode, the LiFePO4 technology is still listed as dangerous under category CLASS 9 (Miscellaneous). All classes of ADR are following the regulations of transport presented by ICAO Technical Instructions, IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and the IMO International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.


The special handling of the dangerous cargo brings with it additional operations during the shipping and that is why there are some higher costs for shipping of such goods in comparison with ordinary goods.

ADR shipping of cells and batteries by GWL

GWL is offering a special delivery of the ADR goods. The shipping costs are listed HERE.

In partnership with FedEx and CargoLogix, we provide safe transport of cells and batteries to many destinations in Europe and North America. Available destinations for ADR shipping are: PT, ES, FR, UK, IE, IT, DE, BE, NL, LU, CH, DK, FI, SE, NO, CZ, AT, SK, PL, HU, LV, LT, EE, SI, RO, BG, USA, CA, HR, EL, MD, SRB, BK, MNE, KV, AL, MKD, CY, MT, JP, BLR.

If you do not see your destination, you can arrange for the pick up of the goods yourself. Optionally you may ask your delivery agent (DHL, UPS, or other cargo company) to arrange for the delivery to your locations. We will provide assistance during the process with the packing of goods, the preparation for pick up, providing dimensions and other information.

Note: based on our experience some companies like DHL or UPS do not offer the transportation of ADR goods in their regular network. However they may offer to you a delivery by special service. Please inquire with your shipping agent in advance.

Personal pickup of ADR goods and private transportation

We welcome customers to come and pickup the goods personally as an option. We will provide all necessary documents for safe and legal transportation. You can choose your own delivery even if the order does not include dangerous goods.

If you pre-pay the goods in advance and have your drivers to come, it is necessary to advise us about the name of the company or the driver. This will make sure we will release the goods to a duly authorized person. If you choose this option, please make sure that driver can provide order number (OBPXXXXXXX).

Be sure to contact us for any additional information and help.
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