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The Main Project:


GWL a.s. is a leading distributor of a LiFePO4 battery cells and photo-voltaic power-plants of all sizes and naturally,
The main partner of The Czech Sustainable Houses.

In the words of the founder Mr. Pavel Podruh:
“As a byproduct of all the activities, we have also started to develop own unique household battery storage along with a novel business model to support its existence. Moreover, a deep dynamic and replicable system for self-sustainable buildings is being developed. Both these endeavors are explored in tight cooperation with GWL.
The aim is to trigger public demand for energy future based on renewables and help to make thee transition.”

What GWL's clients do:

Robotize and GoPal with LiFePO4?

GoPal is the first and only fully integrated and approved solution for the automation of pallet transport in factories and warehouses.

The Pastvina Garden (Pasture Garden)

The garden is cut off from the electrical grid and chances of getting the utility company to run electricity to the area are basically zero since the property is a historical site.

Pinguino Ice Resurfacer Converted to Electric

The Pegatech s.r.o. converted the Pinguino Ice Resurfacer to 100% clean and environmentally friendly machine. Using a 24 LFP cells in an 8.5kWh pack.

LiFePO4 batteries in Bliss Mobil motorhomes

GWL supports its partner Bliss Mobil with LiFePO4 400Ah for their luxury motorhomes. Every Bliss Mobil unit is equipped with one or two battery packs, each of them consisting of eight cells in series. The LiFePO4 batteries are maintenance free, safe and can store large amounts of energy. Each battery pack represents a capacity of 400Ah (over 10 kWh) on 24 Volt.

Solar energy storage 48V 5,4 kW

The typical solar energy system includes solar panels, an inverter, equipment to mount the panels on your roof, and a performance monitoring system that tracks electricity production.

SAS with an output of 200 kW

AERS handed over the second SAS (peak accumulation station) with an output of 200 kW / 204kWh. AERS is a manufacturer of battery energy storage stations (BESS) and power electronics contained in them. Besides that, the company is a bearer of know-how and a creator of HW and SW parts of storage stations.

Swardman Electra Premium Mower

GWL a.s. supports large and small interesting projects. Electric garden equipment is one of them. Swardman Electra accu mower is not the biggest, not even small, but simply amazing product. Thanks to the minimalist pure design and primarily team of enthusiastic people, Electra mower is known around the world. For example in Australia, Europe or USA.


GWL/Power has supplied sets of Winston Thunder Sky Battery cells to Romania Euroest S.A. company for an installation in electric locomotives. These are used for the manipulation of machinery and the transportation of raw ore in quarries.


Martin Cheníček is not only professional ahtlete and free-diving instruktor... He also rides through The World with his upgraded pickup!


I‘m driving a converted Daewoo Tico on 24S Sinopoly LiFePO4 100Ah cells & after more than 6 years, 75000km & around 1400 charges, this original pack is still in function!


GWL a. s. is proud to be a cell-supplier to Wattius company. They developed their own BMS system, it gives the ability to safely monitor all cell critical parameters. Cell packaging may be confi gured to enable single-cell replacement to increase maintainability, performance and lifespan of the complete system.


Company KOFI-KOFI s. r. o. is from Czech republic and it´s our customer from year 2011. They using our batteries LiFePO4 for mobile coffee shops called ,,KOFI-KOFI Trucks“.


„Original Land Rover Defender 130 CAMPER set-up couldn‘t cope with the demand and have been replaced with Winston 160Ah cells, BMS123 and 270Wp solar module.“ Frans and Suzanne, Belgium.


Li-technician statement: „Upgraded AGVs can go three shifts without charging, charge 60A(1C) and deliver higher power to motors than previous lead acid or a gel types.“

Historical trolleybuses with LiFePO4 batteries

Main coordinator of the project is Mr. Jiří Kovář, director of The Gallery and Muzeum of České Velenice, who managed to engage a lot of enthusiastic experts and for the electro-technical instalation called company PROFESS s. r. o.


Starke Cycles produce electrically assisted cargo vehicles for climate friendly last mile deliveries and GWL a. s. proudly empowers their vision. Container vehicles are rugged, effi cient and can replace trucks and vans in cities, and are compatible with existing logistics infrastructure. Starke Cycles is a subsidiary to MOVEBYBiKE, Sweden’s greenest carrier.”

Blackout! Can it happen? What to do first?

A 230V power supply failure can cause serious complications whether at home or at the office

Electrobus in Lviv

It is powered by 400 Ah Winstons and after 6 years of service, it is still running like new with no loss of capacity!

They said about cooperation with us:
"I am an electrical engineer. I have decided to proceed with my home hybrid solar plant project. I bought the necessary components from GWL company including their 123SmartBMS battery management system. During the system assembly process I have experienced 123SmartBMS application failures that avoided me from finishing the project and putting it to live. I contacted GWL technical department immediately. Not only I received their very kind reaction in a moment but also they admitted a possible bug and released a bug fix within the very working day. After this experience I decided to recommend GWL company to all my colleagues but it also brought me to writting this reference. Not only that GWL has a great range of top products. But also I know from my technological field that you can tell a great company not by experiencing what they do when everything is just working all right but by experiencing what they do when something is going wrong. The whole GWL company's attitude convinced me that they have a great range of top technological products and also they do a great job in helping their customers. GWL is a great example of how a top class product and its support should look like. "
Ing. Jan Šarapatka, Czech
"Cell Performace monitor from GWL is in operation with LiFePO4 cells and I am quite amazed! Everything is working and my LFP battery is secured for reasonable price. With my solar panels, practicaly self-sufficient from 9AM to 10PM! "
Jiří Hrabák, Czech
"We have been very satisfied with your services. Your responsetime for the offer was short and the delivery very quick!"
Michael, Austria
"I have a very good experience with GWL. The communication was very swift,
I always got a response at most next day if not within hours. The products were on stock and delivered very fast. I yet to install those solar panels but I am sure I will be very happy once the setup is operational."
Csongor V., Hungary
"good prices, good stock availability, very good communication with sales departament oh, and paypal is a plus for me!!!"
Octavin B., Romania
"My delivery arrived today in good health. Very well packed! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I can recommend you to my colleagues."
Anders L., Sweden
"That was indeed fast. With merely one week from payment to delivery! You made it to the absolute top of my intercontinental parcels' postruntime-list. Thanks a lot! TNT is obviously a lot faster than every other post-service around!
Martin, Denmark
"Cooperation is excellent. "
Stavros Maragoudakis, Greece
"my last delivery order was fast"
zahurali virani, Tanzania
"Very good. In all orders staff have cooperated via email to find the best value and most appropriate equipment"
James Bowe, Australia

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