Olife Wallbox with output, Type2, BASE, 22kW

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Art.#: OLF-WB22AC2ZB
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Wallbox 22 kW AC charging station with a T2 socket for all electric vehicles currently available on the EU market.

Product description

The Energy WallBox is a hard-wearing 22 kW AC charging station for all electric vehicles currently available on the EU market. It is suitable for a private or a small company E.V. charging. Authorisation is secured by RfID chips. The wallbox is equipped with anti-overload function to prevent building electric grid from overloading. The power can be adjusted by external module Energy SmartMeter regarding available power in real time. Product is delivered with the socket Type 2.

Conditions for subsidies for the purchase and connection of charging stations in Germany can be found on the website: www.kfw.de




1-line 16A charging capable or optional 3-line 32A fast AC charging in a single product.
Full metal enclosure is waterproof (IP44), designed for both exterior and interior installation.
Compact chassis is resisting easily the bad weather in the same way as random vandal attacks.
Determined for charging both Type1 and Type2 socket equipped vehicles.
Simple installation and setting - just plug the cable into the wallbox and E.V. and start the charging. No application is required.

WallBox setting

All settings are implemented through DIP-switch. By setting the maximum charging current the maximum E.V. charging speed is set. If the electric vehicle board charger is stronger then the limit set at the wallbox, the E.V. board charger will be forbidden to use charging speed faster then DIP-swich setup. This function is very useful if your installation site grid is weak and you need to limit the charging power of the charger permanently for all electric vehicles.


Package contents

1 unit WallBox 22kW with a socket Type2
3 pcs Sealing washers
1 pc Steel pad

FAQ NOTE: The package DOES NOT content any fixing material. Please, buy it according to the type of construction material on which being fixed the Wallbox.

FAQ Datasheet and Manual about detailed product description, operation, installation and technical specification can be found here.

Operational temperature (°C) -25 to +40
Dimension (mm) 170 x 320 x 120
Weight (kg) 8
Input voltage (V) 3 x 400
IP code 54
icon Olife Wallbox with output, Type2, BASE, 22kW Wallbox 22 kW AC charging station with a T2 socket for all electric vehicles... 866.25$
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