GWL Wifi set for dynamic current limiting, TX, RX, 11kW

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Art.#: GWL-WB11-WIFI
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Wifi set for dynamic current limiting both for wallbox and the house switchboard, 11kW

Product description

The WallBox can be equipped with dynamic control functionality when purchased or retrofitted to ensure maximum use of the existing circuit breaker in the building. The set consists of the TX module equipped with 3 metering transformers and RX module in the small card format.



Features of metering transformers

The metering transformers are installed at the entrance to the building, for example, for the supply to the house switchboard to measure the instantaneous consumption on all phases. If an overshoot is detected on any of the phases, the current for EV charging is reduced by the required value to prevent breaker tripping.

Features and location of the TX module

Place the transmitter preferably in a free position on the DIN rail. Only induction from the wires is sufficient for the actual power supply. The recovery occurs at approx. 3x5A. If the transmitting antenna is shielded, e.g. by a metal cabinet or metal door, the antenna must be led out of the shielding. A 50ohm coaxial extension cable can be used, or a larger 886 MHz antenna with a longer feed cable.



Slot for RX dynamic limiting card

The WB is equipped with a slot for a wireless card that receives the signal from the measuring unit. This slot is located on the top of the control module and is highlighted in colour. The charging current is reduced when necessary (switching on another appliance) to avoid tripping the main circuit breaker. Thus, the maximum available power is available for charging at any given time.
The wirelless card is a part of the wifi set and it is marked as RX module. More about acccessories, description, installation and setting up can be found in an enclosed manual.

Technical data

  • Frequency operation: 886 MHz
  • TX module with metering transformers: 1 pc
  • RX module with anntenna: 1 pc (mini card format)
  • Activation at: 3x5A

  • Package contents

    1 set RX and TX module with 3 metering transformers

    FAQ Datasheet and Manual about detailed product description, operation, installation and technical specification can be found here.

    Operational temperature (°C) -40°C to + 50°C
    Dimension (mm) 350 x 130 x 110
    Weight (kg) 0.1
    Input voltage (V) 3 x 230
    IP code 65
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