ELERIX Terminal Connector for Lithium Cell LiFePO4 (3.2V) - short

Manufacturer: ELERIX
Art.#: EX-TC18/6
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The connector is composed of multilayer, copper material.

This connector is suitable for connecting the following ELERIX batteries:

  • EX-L10

  • Always be aware what connectors are you going to use. Check the dimension of the cells and your connection demands. See the difference in using the long and short connectors on EX-L10:

    How to calculate the maximum current for a given terminal connector?

    The important parameters for the calculation are the cross-section of the terminal connector x the width of the terminal connector.

    See recommended current load per 1mm2

  • 4A/1mm2 - permanent
  • 6A/1mm2 - short term up to 1h
  • 8A/1mm2 - peak max 1 min

  • The load capacity of the terminal connector is not linear!

    The load capacity decreases with increasing cross-section of the terminal connector.

    FAQ A complete list of ELERIX battery accessories can be found here.
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