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GWL a.s. has supplied already 12 sets of Winston Thunder Sky LiFePO4 cells to Romania Euroest S.A. company for an installation in electric locomotives.

These are used for the manipulation of machinery and the transportation of raw ore in quarries. The battery powered locomotives with full electric traction successfully replace conventional diesel and also electric line - traction pulling locomotives – with the advantage that the battery powered locomotives do not need to be connected “to a wire” of the line - traction.

The LEA-002 has been in operation since 2015 and it is the second autonomous battery locomotive in Romania with the Winston Thunder Sky Battery cells supplied by GWL.

The LEA-002 has successfully passed all regulatory requirements given by Romanian Railway Authority. This project is a part of the modernization and the new development of the railway-stock. In addition to the passing of the strict Railway Technical Approval, the locomotive demonstrates the new approach to effectiveness of the operation and the reduction of the operational costs.

LEA-002 Romania:
The electric traction locomotive (powered by battery cells) is designed for moving wagons in quarries and mines. Maximal towing load is 2500 tons, with max speed of 30 km/h. The traction energy is supplied from LFP cells (LiFePO4 technology). The operating time with 100% charge is 12 – 24 hours. The batteries are recharged (in between 20% to 80%) by an external AC power source 3x400V 50Hz within two hours.

Electric locomotive with accumulators was built for a moving vagons in quarries and mines.
Maximum weight of load is 2500 tons, operable with maximal speed of 30km/h.
Energy is managed with Li-ion cells (LiFePO4 technology).
Operation time of 100% charger LEA-002 is 12-24 hours.
Baterries are charged by an external source 3x400V 50Hz and it is charged 20-80% SoC in two hours!

Weight: 70 tons
Max towing load: 2500 tons
Max speed: 30 km/h
Operating time: 12-24 hours
Charge time 20-80%: approx. 2 hrs.
Charge source: 3x 400V (AC)

Locomotives can be equipped with a diesel generator for hybrid operation

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