FoxESS T5-G3 3-phase inverter AC 5kW, DC 7,5kW, 2x MPPT

Manufacturer: FoxESS
Art.#: FOX-INV-T5
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FoxESS T5 - G3 3-phase inverter integrated with 2 MPP trackers and high performance of 7.5kW.

Note: For connection to the German grid, firmware update is necessary. Contact us before purchase.

Product description

The inverter is aimed at 3-phase domestic and small-scale commercial installations, offering unrivalled performance and versatility for increased yield potential and longer generation windows. The 3-phase inverter covers high performance of 7.5kW. It is integrated with 2 MPP trackers with high efficiency and reliability.

System advantages:

  • Advanced DSP control technology
  • Optimal MPPT technology
  • Two independent MPP trackers
  • Wide MPPT voltage range
  • Advanced anti-islanding solutions
  • IP65 protection level
  • Max. efficiency up to 98.6%. EU efficiency up to 97.8%. THD<3%
  • Transformerless design with software and hardware protection
  • External limitation (Meter/DRM0/ESTOP)
  • LED status indications
  • LCD display technical data, human-machine interaction through touch key
  • Remote monitoring via PC or APP
  • Upgrade through USB interface
  • SVT codeSVT33578

  • PowerAssist


    A DC Switch (Optional)
    B PV+
    C PV-
    D WiFi / GPRS
    E USB
    F COM
    G Waterproof Lock Valve
    H AC Connector


    Communication device installation (optional)

    This series inverter is available with multiple communication options such as WiFi, GPRS, RS485 and Meter with an external device. Operating information like output voltage, current, frequency, fault information, etc. can be monitored locally or remotely via these interfaces.. Example with meter installation The inverter has integrated export limitation functionality. To use this function, a power meter must be installed. For Meter installation, please install it on the grid side as drawn next.


    Technical data

  • Max. recommended DC power: 7500W
  • Max. DC Voltage: 1100V
  • Nominal DC operating voltage: 600V
  • Max. input current (input A/input B): 12.5/12.5A
  • Max. short circuit current (input A/input B): 16.25/16.25A
  • MPPT voltage range: 160-850Vdc
  • MPPT voltage range: (full load) 210-850Vdc
  • Start output voltage: 180V
  • Nominal AC power: 5000W
  • Max. apparent AC power: 5500VA
  • Nominal AC current: 7.2A
  • Max. AC current: 8.0A

  • Package contents

  • 1 pc Inverter
  • 1 pc Bracket
  • 2/3/4 DC connectors (F/M)
  • 1 pc AC connector
  • 5 pcs Expasion tube
  • 6 pcs Expansion screws
  • 2/3/4 DC pin contact (negative/positive
  • 1 pc Earth terminal
  • 1 pc Communication connector
  • 1 pc Product manual
  • 1 pc Quick installation guide
  • 1 pc Screw driver
  • 1 pc Unlock tool

  • FAQ Manual about detailed product description, operation, installation and technical specification can be found here.

    SVT code SVT33578
    Operational temperature (°C) -20 - 60°C
    Weight (kg) 20
    Input voltage (V) 3/N/PE. 230/400 (310-480)
    Height (mm) 475
    Width (mm) 384
    Depth (mm) 186
    Shape of output voltage Pure sinus
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