ELERIX Solar panel Mono Half Cut 410Wp 120 cells, 30mm, (ESM-410) White

Manufacturer: ELERIX
Art.#: EXS-410MHC-W
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Monocrystalline, PERC, Half Cut, high-quality solar panel from ELERIX with peak power of 410 Wp,120 solar cells, 30mm, EXS-410MHC-W

Technical information

Complete datasheet
Maximum Power (Pmax) is 410Wp
Cell technology is PERC Half Cut mono crystalline
Module efficiency is 21,40%
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) is 41,6V
Number of Solar cells is 120
Color of the frame is White
Weight is 21kg
Dimmensions are 1760 * 1096 * 30mm
Connection cable with MC4 connector
SVT code SVT30231

The monocrystalline photovoltaic panel ELERIX EXS-410MHC-W with a peak power of 410 Wp is distinguished by its uniform silver construction (frame, covered busbars, cells). It uses PERC and Half Cut technology which means that these solar modules feature solar cells that have been chopped in half, which increases the performance and endurance of the solar module. The PV panel offers excellent performance across the solar spectrum, its durable frame and construction are capable of supporting heavy snow loads of up to 5400 Pa and wind loads of up to 2400 Pa. The solar module is resistant to salt spray, ammonia and blowing sand, making it suitable for coastal, agricultural or desert areas. The junction box is enclosed in an IP68 rated enclosure, increasing its long-term weather resistance. This panel is very well suited for setting up a solar power plant, and for connecting to a solar battery.

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Volt-ampere characteristic measurement result

This solar panel was tested in the accredited testing laboratory CVVOZE of the PVLab Brno department, which tested the electrical properties and defect detection of photovoltaic panels.

Model: EXS-410MHC-W
Temperature: 25.0 °C
G(i): 1.0 kW/m2
Isc: 11.520 A
Uoc: 40.880 V
Eff. : 19.26%
FF : 78.91%
Pmpp: 371.594 W
Umpp: 34.208 V
Impp: 10.683 A
Rser: 0.3 Ohm
Rsh: 299.4 Ohm

Power output characteristics - temperature and irradiance

All values in the datasheet are measured at a standardized temperature of 20 °C. The graph shows the panel's behavior in warmer regions. The solar module loses some of its output efficiency but is suitable for extremely hot areas. Watch our video where we describe what, besides temperature, affects the performance of a solar panel during the year and what to watch out for.

As with temperature, the values in the datasheet are given at a standard irradiance value of 800 W/m2, to roughly calculate the actual performance of your PV modules in your area, find the average irradiance value and compare it to the graph.

30 years Warranty

The manufacturer provides up to a 30-year warranty on the remaining power performance of the PV modules. The warranty is calculated on a linear basis in years.

PV modules warranty in detail:

  • 12 years Product Workmanship warranty
  • 12 years Minimum 92% Power Output
  • 30 years Minimum 83% Power Output

The long warranty period is made possible by quality control and testing during production. The manufacturer hosts a testing laboratory which is used to confirm TUV certifications. It also uses this laboratory to ensure that its solar panels meet the highest standards.

  • All solar panels were tested one by one during production
  • The production process is inspected and monitored
  • Verified parameters recorded for customer reference
  • Fast replacement of defective panels
  • Insurance from global insurance company
30 years linear warranty

Certifications and quality tests

Solar modules offered by GWL are in compliance and have undergone testing for a full range of related certifications.
Including: CE, TÜV SÜD, UL certification (USA), JET (Japan), MCS (United Kingdom).
Furthermore, the Panels are produced in accordance to global guidelines and meet ISO and OHSAS standards.

Solar panel Certifications and Tests

Efficiency, Reliability, Safety and Ecology

High efficiency of Solar panel

High Efficiency

Solder-coatingless cells
Fine Grid Electrodes
BSF (Black surface field) structure
Anti-Reflective coating
Black film reflected light
High-Transmittance Glass
High Power Output in Actual use

High durability of Solar panel

High Safety

Triple-layer structure junction box
Highly reliable bypass diode
Lock Mechanism Equipped connectors
Conformity with IEC 61215, IEC 61730 Standards

High reliability of Solar panel

High Reliability

Original derating designing concept
Straight tabs
Double-Sided indeptended tabs
Reliable Bus bar
Corrosion resistance of the frame
High tensile strenght structure
Tempered glass
Triple-layer structure back film

High ecology of Solar panel


Lead-free solder PV module
Manufactured in the plant certified ISO14001
Recyclable steel pallets

SVT code SVT30231
Weight (kg) 21
Connector MC4
Peak power (Wp) 410
MPP voltage (V) 34.6
MPP current (A) 11.84
Voltage without load (V) 41.6
Short-circuit current (A) 12.4
Efficiency of solar panel (%) 21.4
Max. compressive load (Pa) 5400
Height (mm) 1760
Width (mm) 1096
Depth (mm) 30
Number of cells 120 (3×40)
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icon ELERIX Solar panel Mono Half Cut 410Wp 120 cells, 30mm, (ESM-410) White Monocrystalline, PERC, Half Cut, high-quality solar panel from ELERIX with... 94.30$
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