Rules for Pay by Cash

How to pay by cash at our warehouse?

We are always happy to see you in person; you are welcomed to come to our Prague Warehouse to pick up your goods. Then you can make the payment process easier by paying in cash.

What limitations and terms are applied to direct cash payments?
  • Only EURO currency is accepted (or CZK)
  • Maximum amount is 10.000 EURO, orders over 10.000€ should be paid by Bank Transfer (SEPA payment). This amount is based on EU directive limitation.
  • Goods are usually prepared within 30 minutes after payment
  • Our warehouse can handle any kind of truck/car size to load goods

Important: read following rules to prevent misunderstanding during payment!

Following examples of banknotes are not accepted by all banks in EU. So we are not allowed to take these damaged banknotes.

No stamps or other printed symbols allowed on banknote. Even small or partial stamps!

No tape or permanent sticker allowed on banknote, even transparent tapes are declined!

Pen/marker/fix or any other writings are not allowed. Banknote may not be torn deeper then 5mm.

Banknote with any of mentioned damage will be declined by our cashier! Check all your banknotes before you arrive to ensure smooth payment process.

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