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Voltage tester in sturdy plastic yellow and black design that may be missing in your equipment. Tester includes integrated LED light at the testing end.
1. Testing for mains power (AC voltage):

Probe the live metal contact (wire or terminal) with screwdriver end. Touch the Direct Test button and the voltage level will be indicated on the digital display on rising scale: 12V, 36V, 55V, 110V, 220V.

2. Testing for a line break:

Hold the screwdriver end of the tester against the insulation of the cable and touch the Induction Breakpoint test button. The symbol will be indicated on the display if the cable is live. Run the tester along the cable until the symbol disappears. This is the point at where the cable may be broken.

Important safety information. Always refer to operating instructions before use.:

Before use check the tester is functioning correctly by testing on a known live circuit. Always hold the plastic handle. Never touch the uninsulated end of the tester.
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icon Promo: Voltage tester 12V-230V Voltage tester in sturdy plastic yellow and black design that may be missing... 4.60$
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