EV Technical Support and Services (per 1 hour)

EV Technical Support and Services (per 1 hour)
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Individual pricing for large scale projects and wholesale demands is available.
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Get the professional support for your projects and installations. Get one hour (or more) of fully dedicated technical support from GWL/Power support team. We are here to help you!

The best technical support directly from GWL team!

GWL will be happy to help you to analyze the problem and try to find a solution. Our technical support is designed to give you the helping hand in finding a technical solution for your problem or bringing about a suggestion a possible solution.

You can order on-line 1 hour of technical support and consulting. Our engineers and technicians will be ready to review with you the details of your installation, to see what can be done or improved. You can send details about your installation by photos or even by Skype-video call where you can show details on-line.

Terms of the technical support and services

  • You can order the minimum order of 1 hour
  • Each time you can spend 15 minutes per session/request.
  • The timing is the service is up to 90 days after the payment

Example of use of the service:

1) Initial battery cell charging (LiFePO4, LTO)
Service includes several steps of manual work.
- brushing and terminals cleaning by sandpaper
- charging and electricity cost
- necessary movement of the material

Bellow 500Ah = 50USD, 45EUR, 1125CZK
Order: 4x 100Ah 3,2V battery cells.
Total Ah value: 100Ah x 4 = 400Ah
Cost of initial charging: 400Ah = 50USD

Above 500Ah = 0,1USD/Ah, 0,09EUR/Ah, 2,25CZK/Ah
Order: 4x 400Ah 3,2V battery cells.
Total Ah value: 400Ah x 4 = 1600Ah
Cost of initial charging: 1600Ah x 0,1USD = 160USD

2) Design and calculation of a photovoltaic system. (Minimum 1hour)

Information to perform the support:

Our goal is your complete satisfaction with the implementation of this service. Therefore we need the maximum of information eg. an environment where the system will operate, using purpouses and the possible risks associated with the implementation of assistance.

You will be contacted by our staff after we receive your payment. Further instructions will be provided.
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EV Technical Support and Services (per 1 hour) Get the professional support for your projects and installations. Get one... 89.00$
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