EPEVER Solar Controller Monitor For Tracer BN Series (RS-485/USB)

Manufacturer: EPEVER
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The USB cable for Solar Controller Monitor TRACER BN series. Allows reading and writing data using a PC. Model CC-USB-RS485-150U USB.

Communication cable CC-USB-RS485-150U USB to PC RS485 for EPSolar Tracer BN Solar Charge Controller

Software installation

Download the newest software and drivers and follow up the steps for installation

The Tracer BN series solar charge controllers with MPPT have a proprietary RJ45 connector with a digital output of the system values using RS-485 protocol. The communication cable together with the PC Software allows to connect the Tracer series to a PC with Windows and to read and to write the data from/to the Tracer controller.

The Tracer series report following values regarding the battery voltage and current

  • Battery voltage
  • Solar module voltage
  • Load current
  • Over discharge voltage
  • Full voltage
  • Temperature
  • Charging current

Example of the PC Software setting

Following operational statuses of charging/discharging are reported

  • Load detected
  • Overloaded
  • Short circuit
  • Overcharged
  • Battery voltage too low
  • Battery voltage full
  • Charging

Example of the setting options

The communication cable is supplied with a PC application to read/write the data. This application is provided as it is, free of charge. The application is a property of the manufacturer of EP Solar and is provided “as it is” - all software related issues need to be handled with the manufacturer.

Check more details for the Tracer on GWL/Blog

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icon EPEVER Solar Controller Monitor For Tracer BN Series (RS-485/USB) The USB cable for Solar Controller Monitor TRACER BN series. Allows reading... 4.84$
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