Modular terminal block 35 mm2, white

GWL/Power BCC holder
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Terminal blok 35 mm2, white
RSA terminals are designed for connecting low voltage of electrical circuits with copper rigid as well as flexible conductors, possibly with aluminum conductors. The range of possible connectable wires is from 0.15 mm2 to 95 mm2.

Technical specification:

Connectable cross-section of finely stranded conductor without sleeve: 4 ... 35 mm2
Connectable solid conductor cross section: 2.5 ... 16 mm2
Connectable cross-section of stranded conductor: 4 ... 60 mm2
Rated current In: 125 A
Rated voltage: 1000 V
Making the electrical connection 1: Screw connection
Connection position: Up
Number of levels: 1
Number of terminal locations per level: 2
Mounting method: DIN rail 35 mm
Insulation body material: Thermoplastic
Operating temperature: -40 ... 55 ° C
Flammability class of insulation material according to UL 94: V0
Width / modular dimension: 16.5 mm
Height at the lowest possible mounting height: 58.9 mm
Length: 65 mm
Explosion-proof design "Ex e": NO
End plate required: YES
Color: White
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icon Modular terminal block 35 mm2, white Terminal blok 35 mm2, white 2.02$
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