GWL a. s. is proud to be the supplier of Winston LiFePO4 100Ah 3.2V cells for this ESS project developer by company Wattius Battery Solution.

Their product is full of useable power and ready to offer maximum flexibility, voltage range, capacity, communication and interface, mechanical configuration, protections, etc.

Wattius company developer their own BMS system, it gives the ability to safely monitor all cell critical parameters.

Cell packaging may be configured to enable single-cell replacement to increase maintainability, performance and lifespan of the complete system.

Best-in-class protection and safety monitoring systems ensure its safe operation within time.

The ESS is a 210 kWh high-voltage system. It is a custom-made solution capable of continuous 100 kW charge and discharges and with a complete in-house-developed BMS. has the benefit of Bluetooth communication for control and monitoring.

The battery consists of 4 rack cabinets containing 22 Cell Modules and a Central Control Unit. Each Cell Module has 30 Winston 100 Ah LiFePO4 cells. Each of the 22 Cell Module is connected in series to build up the nominal 425 V voltage. The Central Control Unit features the Master BMS board that controls and interacts with all Cell Modules, peripherals and the Power Electronics. It also features state-of the art protections such as an Insulation Monitoring Device.

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