123ELECTRIC BMS123 Smart - Extended Module

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Extended module for many more advanced applications like automotive, boat and other applications using the BMS123 Smart.
Extended module is supplied with both Molex connectors and cables.

The module adds the following functionality to the BMS123 Smart system:

  • 4 configurable relays - switch relay on at time or conditions
  • 2 individual CAN bus connections
  • Control Elcon/TC Charger via CAN bus interface
  • Broadcast BMS settings on CAN bus
  • Compatible with EV charging stations using the J1772/IEC 62196 protocol - adaptive charging. Extended module limits charging current to the maximum current of the charging station/vehicle.
  • Control two analog gauges to indicate fuel level (state of charge) and current consumption
  • Isolation detection - measure the isolation resistance between the power supply and an isolated battery pack

Use a twisted wire to connect the extended module with OUT board of the BMS123 Smart. There is no polarity.

EV Charging
Electric vehicles can be charged at charging stations using the J1772 protocol. The Extended Module communicates with the charging station and gets the maximum allowed current. This advertised current will be used.


Isolation detection function
Battery packs using high voltage need to be isolated from the electronic power supply like a 12V battery. It is important to continuously measure this isolation resistance between the high voltage pack which the BMS manages and the power supply of this Extended Module. This can be done with the isolation detection.

PC connection
Extended moduel is euipped by the USB port for PC based devices connection not only in the vehicle.
The software for the Extended Module consists of different functions:

The most important data like total pack voltage, state of charge and individual cell voltages are shown.

BMS data
Global BMS settings like minimum cell voltage, maximum cell voltage and temperatures have to be configured. Also all BMS data can be send on the CAN bus.
NOTE: the BMS does NOT use the minimum voltage, maximum voltage, minimum temperature and maximum temperature configured by the Bluetooth module.

CAN BUS messages
It is possible to send the most important BMS data like voltages, temperatures, settings and status on a CAN bus. Choose the the desired CAN bus network (1 or 2) and fill in the start message ID. The BMS will send a 8 different CAN bus messages. The first one on the start address (N), second one N+1 etc.
See the attached manual for more information.


Configurable relays
Four relays can be independently configured on day of week, hysteresis or boolean logic. There is also an “invert output” option of the relay

Extended module is supplied with both Molex connectors and cables.

Simple installation, easy settings, easy and reliable operation.

Concerning the GWL/Power BMS123 Smart system please study all available details here: http://gwl-power.tumblr.com/tagged/BMS123Smart

GWL/Power BMS123 Smart solution uses the GWL/GreenEye Technology for Smart Monitoring over the Bluetooth Battery communication protocol.

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