GridFree - Reduce the Consumption of the Electricity from the Grid

Reduce the Consumption of the Electricity from the Grid

Do you have electric appliances that keep running for long time and consume a lot of electric energy?

Computer Servers and Networking Equipment

They keep running 24 hours a day and 365 days a year


Such computers and networking equipments keep consuming electric energy at constant rate.


For example a server with 900W consumption: the daily energy demand is 21.6 kWh and yearly total is 7.884 MWh.

Are you able to reduce the consumption of the paid electricity from the Grid?

Office equipment and local desktop PCs and appliances

Office equipment and local PCs keep running just a part of the day during the working time. When working they demand a lot of energy.


For example: a small business with 30 PC workstations (90W per PC) needs 2700W of energy during the working time of 8 AM to 6:00 PM. This makes the total daily consumption of 27 kWh and the yearly total is 6.750 MWh (250 days).


Are you able to reduce your consumption of the lectricity from the Grid?

Lights in corridors, basements, garages and other areas with no direct sun-light


Some lights are kept on 24 hours a day. Some lights are kept turned-on only during working time.

Many other devices keep consuming electricity when left in stand-by modes.


Is there a way to reduce the consumption of electricity?

Yes! The GridFree solution brings the affordable way of direct energy conversion and instant reduction of the electricity bills.

Slow down your energy meter now!


Learn more about the GridFree to save your energy from the Grid!


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