GWL/POWER Gridfree AC Inverter With Limiter 1kW SUN-1000GH (45-90V)

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Art.#: GF-SUN-1000G2H
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GridFree inverter with Limiter with output power 900W works with input voltage range 45-90 Vdc. The limiter can reduce output power according to actual consumption of the house. MPPT function provides max. possible efficiency of solar panels.

Inverters are registred in EU to Czech republic subsidy (new green savings) code: SVT24234

Important notice for customers in the Czech Republic:

The inverter can only be operated after the approval of the project documentation by the distribution system operator and an initial inspection. Only after that the first parallel connection is made by the PDS (distribution system operator). Without these actions, the PV plant as a source operating in parallel with the distribution system cannot be operated.

GridFree inverter with limiter is a revolutionary solution for home solar instalations which works similarly to other GridFree microinverters but they are able to reduce own production according to the current consumption of the house and thus completely avoid of overflows to the public grid .
These inverters are designed for internal use and you can monitor current values on color display where following values are shown:

  • The current output power from the solar panels / battery
  • The power supplied from the public grid
  • Voltage at the DC input
  • Temperature
  • Voltage of the grid
  • Date & Time
  • Graph of daily production
  • Setting of the inverter

There are also specific settings of the inverter suitable in case when the battery is at DC input ie. Working input voltage (lower limit) and the maximum power output of the inverter.

GridFree inverter operates in the range of input voltage 45-90 Vdc and continuous power is 900W (peak 1000W) . The output of the inverter is at nominal voltage 230VAC and output is connected between the main circuit breaker to the electricity meter and home circuit breakers box.
Inverter transfer the power from solar panels or batteries to the domestic electricity grid. Your appliances will take energy made from your own production. The rest energy is taken from public grid in case the output power of your own production will not be enough for all appliances. You can protect your system against unwanted overflows to the public grid when you will produce more energy than your appliances require by installing of the supplied current sensor. This sensor is connected directly to the inverter and make sure the sensor is connected right by the narrow on the case of sensor.

The inverter does not operate in island mode (offgrid) and his operation requires a connection to the public grid. The inverter switches off immediately in case of public grid failure.

The inverters are certified for sale and use in the EU. Inverter meets all needed standard and certification: (EMC, LVD, RoHS and EN50438).

Very efficient and easy way to solve your independent production of el. energy while maintaining grid connection. The ideal way to reduce electricity cost. Slow down your electricity meter! (By reducing consumption from the Grid.)

Connection of your solar system with this inverter is easy and simple:
Connect the solar panels or batteries at the DC input (ESD protection required), connect the current sensor on the one phase and connect the 230V output to the domestic grid

Without batteries:
With batteries:

More solar panels must be connected together with inverter to meet the real output power of the inverter and aslo do not exceed the max. input voltage of the inverter.

Důležité upozornění pro zákazníky v ČR:

Provoz střídače lze jen po schválení projektové dokumentace provozovatelem distribuční soustavy a výchozí revizi. Až poté je první paralelní připojení pracovníkem PDS (provozovatel distribuční soustavy). Bez těchto úkonů nelze FVE jakožto zdroj, pracující paralelně s distribuční soustavou provozovat.

For more details or technical support, please fill the form:

Operational temperature (°C) -20 - 50°C
Weight (kg) 3.6
Output power (W) 900 W (peak 1000 W)
Output power (V) 230 V AC
Input voltage (V) 45-90 V DC
Height (mm) 322 mm
Width (mm) 196 mm
Depth (mm) 88 mm
Shape of output voltage Pure sinus
icon GWL/POWER Gridfree AC Inverter With Limiter 1kW SUN-1000GH (45-90V) GridFree inverter with Limiter with output power 900W works with input... 295.20$
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