Swardman Electra - Premium accu mower

GWL a.s. supports large and small interesting projects. Electric garden equipment is one of them.

Swardman Electra accu mower is not the biggest, not even small, but simply amazing product. Thanks to the minimalist pure design and primarily team of enthusiastic people, Electra mower is known around the world. For example in Australia, Europe or USA.

Few words of Martin Bulíř (CEO Swardman Czech Republic):
„Our products are high-end so we need quality components. We use LiFePO4 batteries from GWL in our accu mower called Electra, which is the quietest mower in the world. Cooperation with GWL is great, the batteries are good quality and the communication is excellent.“

Team of GWL a.s. is glad to help get your product on the top.

LiFePO4 High Power Cell (3.2V/20Ah) - Alu case, CE

High quality 20Ah special cell (battery) GWL/Power based on lithium iron technology - LiFePO4 allows 3C discharge continous current and 10C max. current. The cell is in metal housing for high energy density(98.5Wh/kg).
Supports high speed discharge (3C, 60A)
Provides high currents at peak discharge (10C, 200A)
High quality of production for long lifespan (over 2000 cycles at 80% DoD with 80% residual capacity)
Energy density is 78.3 Wh/kg
Narrow tolerance of the specifications
Metallic housing (case)

Complete datasheet
LiFePO4 20ah alu case

Do you have a similar project underway? Let us know more details about your plans. GWL will be happy to support you.

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