GWL/POWER GridTied AC Inverter With Limiter 1kW SUN-1000G2H (45-90V)

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Make the most of your solar system. The GridTied inverter with limiter has an output power of 900 W, operating with input voltages ranging from 45-90 Vdc. The limiter can reduce the output power according to the current consumption of the house. The MPPT function ensures maximum efficiency of the solar panels.

What is a GridTied solution?

GridTied is a photovoltaic system based on the ON-GRID / GRID-TIED solution (grid-connected), whose main objective is that the energy produced by the PV system is not fed back into the utility grid. Thus, the philosophy is to produce as much energy as you can consume at any given time and/or store the unconsumed energy using a battery storage or other energy storage system (e.g. storage water heater).

Product description

SUN 2000 VA small grid-tied inverters with limiter (GTIL) work on their AC output only with 230V mains support. Photovoltaic panels or a battery (energy storage) in the appropriate voltage range can be connected to the DC input of the inverter. An internal power limiter is included to prevent overflow to the grid. All necessary data and parameters can be monitored and set on the built-in display.

The SUN 2000 inverter with external accessories listed in the documentation meets the requirements for parallel grid connection (RfG).

The most common application is to reduce the consumption from the distribution network by connecting the inverter anywhere between the distribution network and the point of consumption (Figure 1).

If a solar battery (energy storage) and limiter are used, the energy obtained from the sun can be utilized even when it is not shining. If the energy produced is not enough for the current consumption, the remaining part is automatically replenished from the grid. Without the limiter, the system can operate as a power plant supplying the distribution grid (Figure 2).

Inverters can also be used to increase the available power in on and off-grid systems, e.g. in combination with Victron inverters, in AC coupling mode (pairing with the inverter's AC output instead of the distribution grid).



Application - Three-phase system without battery

If you use a limiter on the inverter, you get a system without overflows to the distribution network. If you decide to switch off the limiter on the inverter, you create a productive system (photovoltaic power plant) with the possibility of selling surplus electricity to the grid.

Application - Single-phase or three-phase system with battery and limiter

Due to the possible accumulation via energy storage system, it is particularly suitable for the use of all generated electricity for own consumption.

Application - AC coupling with hybrid or island inverter

If the AC-independent inverter is designed for AC coupling (e.g. Victron Multiplus), it is possible to connect a SUN inverter with a limiter to its AC output. Thus, its output does not affect the Multiplus mode itself (AC battery charging mode), but the overall output power is increased. The output of the SUN inverter in AC link must be less than the output of the mains to which it is connected. Charging the battery via the AC path through the Multiplus (from its input or output side) is only possible after the addition of additional protection or communication elements or functions and their correct setting.

Application - RFG compliance

The GF-SUN-1000G2, GF-SUN-2000G2-T, GF-SUN-1000G2H and GF-SUN-2000G2 grid-tied inverters with additional accessories meet the requirements of the EU Commission Regulation 2016/631 (RfG NC).

(Requirements can be specified according to regional distribution networks).

The interruption of the power supply from the production module is provided by contactor KM1, which is switched by connecting wire N to its coil from the control device of the distributor. Connecting the N conductor switches on the contactor and through its power NC contact the production module is disconnected from the distribution network.

The delayed connection of the production module after a mains failure is ensured by time relay KA1. After the loss of mains voltage, relay KA1 galvanically disconnects the production module from the distribution network (breakdown KM1). When the voltage is restored, relay KA1 reconnects the production module after a set time.

FAQ The complete datasheet with technical specification can be found in Documets for download.

Operational temperature (°C) -20 - 50°C
Weight (kg) 3.6
Output power (W) 900 W (peak 1000 W)
Output power (V) 230 V AC
Input voltage (V) 45-90 V DC
Height (mm) 322 mm
Width (mm) 196 mm
Depth (mm) 88 mm
Shape of output voltage Pure sinus
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