Starke Cycles

Starke Cycles produce electrically assisted cargo vehicles for climate friendly last mile deliveries and GWL a. s. proudly empowers their vision.

Container vehicles are rugged, efficient and can replace trucks and vans in cities. They are compatible with existing logistics infrastructure. Starke Cycles is a subsidiary to MOVEBYBiKE, "Sweden’s greenest carrier.”
Their electric vehicle, the "container bike", takes two EU pallets and up to 300 kg, with a top speed of 25 km/h. It is assisted by a 1000 W engine with battery capacity for a full work day.

90% less energy than EV cars, zero co2, low street footprint
Load capacity up to 300 kg,
Roll on/roll off cargo platform
Compatible with EU pallets/container/platform, taxi, etc
Electric assist 1000W, 25 km/h
Fast door - to - door speed
Logistics cloud platform

LiFePO4 High Power Cell (3.2V/60Ah) - Alu case, CE

High quality industrial special cell (battery) based on lithium iron technology - LiFePO4, high energy density and metal housing. Capacity: 60Ah. Size: 130 x 186 x 36 mm. Weight: 1.7 kg.

Supports high speed charge and discharge.
Provides high currents at peak discharge, High quality of production.
Narrow tolerance of the specifications.
Metallic housing (case)
Special terminal screw-thread for perfect connection.
Two nuts with this screw-thread included

Complete datasheet

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