SUNMAN Seal-it-380 FOIL BOND, professional assembly adhesive 600 ml

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Seal -IT® 380 Foill Bond for Bitumen - PVC Tube Solution


Product description

Seal-it® 380 FOIL BOND is a high-quality, professional assembly adhesive, based on Hybrid technology, that is specifically intended for bonding plastic films and vapour control layers. The adhesive cures through humidity to a durable, self-adhesive rubber.


  • Specially developed for bonding plastic films (PE, PVC, EPDM, DPC) to stone, concrete, plaster, metal and wood.
  • For bonding and waterproof and airtight finishing of synthetic films.
  • Suitable for bonding the most common membranes and vapour barriers.
  • Bonding of PP foils around wood and carpentry, e.g. window frames.

  • Properties

  • Durable, permanent plasto-elastic.
  • Excellent adhesion without primer on practically all surfaces, even when moist.
  • Superb processing properties, professional A quality.
  • Free of plasticisers, phthalates, isocyanate, solvents and silicone.
  • Very low emission: certified VOC emission class A+.

  • PowerAssist


    Safe Storage: In unopened original packaging, stored in a cool dry place between +5 °C and +25 °C, the product will last up to 15 months after the production date.

    Application conditions

  • Apply the material vertically (ventilated) in beads spaced between a minimum of 10 cm and a maximum of 20 cm apart. Do not apply in dabs!
  • Application temperature (ambient and surface) between +5 °C and +40 °C.
  • On clean, uncontaminated, compatible, stable, grease-free and dust-free surfaces.
  • Degrease the surface properly using Seal-it® 510 CLEANER.
  • Seal-it® 380 FOIL BOND has a broad bonding spectrum, but highly porous surfaces should be pre-treated with Seal-it® 520 PRIMER and non-porous surfaces with minimal bonding should be treated with Seal-it® 525 Clean & Bond.

  • Health & safety

    Avoid long-term contact with skin. If uncured material gets in your eyes, rinse out thoroughly with plenty of water and consult a physician. The product safety data sheet is available on request.

    Table of adhesives for use on different roof surfaces

    The adhesive table below indicates the type of adhesive that can be used for bonding the Composite Support (CS) to various roof surfaces and for bonding the module to the Composite Support (CS).

    Yield of adhesives per 1 panel

    SEAL-IT® 380 FOIL BOND 600 ml/unit (400 ml per module)

    FAQ The complet datasheet with technical specification can be found in Documets for download.

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