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Hi computer! How old are you?  As old as Unix.

Hi computer! How old are you? As old as Unix.

21.Jul 2023
| Blog - About GWL

Recently, an automated setup using a small Linux board for battery monitoring stopped working. The GWL/Team tried to verify what went wrong. Everything seemed to be working fine and there was not any malfunction of the hardware.

After many hours of investigation, we have found out that the reason for the failure is the new verification procedure for Google services. To continue with the usage of the data on the Google account, the age must be verified. We were wondering how to verify the age of an automated board…

Anyway, for such automated setup, we always set the “birth date” at the beginning of the Unix time:  1/1/1970.  

As always, such verifications are making the Freedoms of the Internet world smaller and smaller.

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