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FAQ:  Testing cells or packs at a customer location

Question:I have a battery pack installed in my EV (in my boat, in my RV, in my house, etc.) I wish to check the condition of this pack to see the real capacity of the cells. Can GWL offer any solution for me? (Perhaps you can come to me for the weekend and make the test. Or you can send m

15.Sep 2022
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RV ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - 7 Questions and answers


  • Are you replacing the on-board battery in your RV?
  • Are you modifying the electrical wiring in your RV?
  • Have you started with a more complex renovation?
  • Are you getting an RV and you’re not sure which electrical system to go with?

7 Questions and answers

  • What type of
15.Nov 2021
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How to build your own Electric Vehicle Charger?

How to build your own charger?

For building an EV charger, you will need a control circuit that communicates with the onboard charger in the vehicle using a special signal, which also switches on the relay. We sell several : 1. with a fixed charging current of 16A 2. with an integrated single-

05.Nov 2021
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GWL in Action: Making the Cities Electric Again

In 1950 the cities in the US got rid of their electric street cars systems. The photo from a tweet shows thePacific street carswaiting for the destruction in 1956. The same story was in Prague. There was a functional trolley-bus system operatingfrom 1936 till 1972. It was discarde

10.Aug 2020
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Some More Photos of the Camper Installation

See some additional .

Note the safety measures. You can see the main 250Amp fuse. Also there is a smoke, fire and temperature detector installed in the compartment on top above the battery pack. The detector provides a f

09.Mar 2020
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FAQ: Please help me quickly with my unique project

Question:Hello, I am [Name] and I am from [City] in [Country]. I am the founder of a [startup, new, high-tech, special project] company focused on electric [bikes / motorbikes / motorcycles / EV cars, trucks, busses, vehicles] with [some special feature]. We would like to request you to kindly help us

23.Jan 2020
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CityStromers - still running!

CityStromers - still running!

We have several customers who upgraded their electricusing the Winston Battery cells. Actually these lithium battery upgrades date back to 2008 to 2010 and make our oldest project references.

13.Jun 2019
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LFP as starting battery

LFP as a starting battery – two concerns

Question: I want to use the LFP battery (4x 3.2V cells) for starting of my car. What SBM should I use to protect the battery?

You cannot use a SBM to protect the starting battery. For starting the car, the current will be very high,hundreds or

09.Feb 2018
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Replica of a 1907 trolleybus powered by GWL/Power

Replica of a 1907 trolleybus powered by GWL/Power

GWL/Power has supplied the batteries and the BMS system for of theMercedes electrique Stoll electric bus (trolleybus).

We will be publishing more details as soon as the project is finishe

17.May 2016
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China Electric Vehicle Magazine - No 84

China Electric Vehicle Magazine - No 84

Download here:

17.Apr 2016
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