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Industrial Type Circuit Breakers

Safety is the most important factor of any DC powered installation. To help you with the instant safety, GWL supplies the quality circuit-breakers that can be used for your installation. The 125Amp DC Breaker is designed to protect the main DC line while the 32Amp and 2AMp models are designed fo

20.Jun 2022
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Modular REMA Connectors – Forklift Batteries

The product range for DC applications has been enlarged by theREMA type DC connectorsfor fork-lift applications.

Check the offer of the.

06.Jun 2022
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DC connectors - Make your connection easy!

GWL now offers the Anderson Style connectors for 50A, 175A and 350A ratings.

Make your connection easy and make sure your battery solution has a flexible connection and disconnection. It is always important to be able to disconnect the battery (or the other DC source) components in an easy way. &nbs

06.Jun 2022
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DC Disconnect Switches – a Must!

Any DC powered solution should have the ability for instantaneous protection and disconnection. GWL Team keeps reminding the customers ofand also the quick-to-go disconnection switches.

The DC disconnection switches are ideal to make the safety disconnection for your DC vo

17.May 2022
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GWL Team again at Intersolar 2022!

GWL returns as an exhibitor to the Intersolar 2022. You can meet tour teem atthe booth B2-175. We warmly invite you to come and check the products of theELERIX brandand the new project solutions under the AMVOLT product line.

for further information about the GWL bo

04.May 2022
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Is This a New Car or is This an Old Car?

In 2021, with the “chip-production” crisis, with the C-19 pandemic and with the other production issues, many of the car manufacturer started facingthe disruption of the production chain.As a result, some of the newly produced cars need to be stocked at the open fields, parkin

29.Apr 2022
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Switch Your EX! Get Wired!

New photos of theGWL/Modular EX Switch. The project continues with more and more wires added. Simply: Get Wired to switch your AC to DC and the DC to AC.

More details about theGWL/Modular EX Switchto be coming soon!

25.Apr 2022
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GWL/Modular EX Switch – Moving on!

From the design to the real product. GWL Team keeps working on theGWL/Modular EX Switch. As explained the EX-Switch is a complete switching board solution to be certified according to the EU norms.

We are sending the kisses to the EX-Switch by means of these photos from the installation.


25.Apr 2022
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ELERIX Designs of Cells Packs 4S to 16S

Check the samples of the cell pack designs using.

Download the 3D PDF Files from ELERIX GitHub Repository

11.Apr 2022
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ELERIX 3D Model PDFs – How To

Check once more the procedure to open and view the 3D content in the PDF files.

The files must be opened in the Adobe PDF Reader on a regular PC (not in the on-line browser or on a mobile phone).


Enjoy the 3D files!

11.Apr 2022
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