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Make Sky Blue - MPPT collar controllers

Make the sky blue - it is not only a nice wish for everyday beautiful life, but it is also the name of. We gladly post this information as a reference by a customer. Try and enjoy.

18.Feb 2021
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How much energy is needed to warm water?

The answer is in this formula:Energy [kWh] = (Tdiff * 4180 * Litters) / 3600000

If you have1 kg of water (=1 liter)and you wish to warm itby 1 degree Celsius, you need to use0,00116111 kWhof energy.

If you have1 kg of water (=1 liter)and you wish to warm it

16.Feb 2021
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They are our heroes!

You can find them in every part of the world. You can find them just close to you. If you need their help, they may to come to your house too. Whom are we speaking about?

We are speaking aboutthe ordinary heroes, the local or regional electricians.

The regional electricians are

15.Feb 2021
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How to operate a LFP battery in 7 steps?

At GWL, we have prepared a clever guide on how to choose a battery for your operation, cars, production lines, boats, buses, caravans, forklifts, etc. that will last ten times more than the obsolete lead-acid ones (which you probably still use).

It explains in detail how you can (with the help of just a

15.Feb 2021
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DC Wire Color Coding Standards

The table shows the color coding for AC wires in the installations.

DC Plus Pole (+) – Red DC Minus Pole (-) non-grounded – Blue (#1) DC Minus Pole (-) grounded – Black (#2) Protective Earth (PE) or Ground (GND) – Yellow/Green


#1 For majority DC systems the battery poles and all DC wires must be

08.Feb 2021
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AC Wire Color Coding Standards

The table shows thecolor coding for AC wiresin the installations - IEC 60446.

AC 3-phase Live (L1) – Brown AC 3-phase Live (L2) – Black AC 3-phase Live (L3) – Gray Neutral (N) – Blue Protective Earth (PE) or Ground (GND) – Yellow/Green AC Single Phase Live &ndash

08.Feb 2021
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GWL/Team Making Safety Tests

In April 2019, GWL Team has made extensive tests of various lithium cells to demonstrate the results of abuse and damage for these cells.

One part of the test was adirect short circuit dischargeof a fully charged TSWB Winston 40AH cell.

The photos show the preparation of the test.

01.Feb 2021
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Bistable relays by LAYHER

Looking for a high rating bistable relay? Chek the offer from LAYHER in Germany -

Note:these relays need 130W to 160W of peak power to turn on / off. Keep this in mind for your installation design.

20.Jan 2021
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GWL/Modular - solar installation reference

This is one of the references for the installation using the GWL/Modular components. The advantage of the GWL/Modular solution is that it makes the life of the installer easier and the installation is more reliable.

Some details of this installation:

  • is used to conne
20.Jan 2021
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The proper installation of the battery connectors

Summary ofthe information related to the installationof the battery connectors.

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