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GWL/Modular - moving ahead

The GWL/Team is slowly and gradually moving ahead with the installation for the.In this installation, GWL has deployed the solution based on theGWL/Modular concept.

This installation will be available as a reference project for the customers to understand how the

07.Sep 2020
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What is “Dunnage Air Bag”?

Dunnage Air Bag is a paper+plastic air-bag used to fill in the gaps between the pallets or cargos in a container. This bag prevents the cargo from moving inside the container.

The Dunnage Air Bags are mainly used to secure the DG cargo, like lithium batteries.

The photo is from

07.Sep 2020
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Protect your CBM1 against a...

GWL has supplied more than 30 000 pcs of the. Based on the user experience, we have found out that some customers have damaged the board when soldering the wires to the battery contact terminals.

There isa high risk of overheating of the componentsespecially near the (B-) termina

10.Aug 2020
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GWL/Modular Battery Link

Installation wiring for theproduct.

The GWL/Team makes your life easy.

10.Aug 2020
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GWL/Modular - BCC (Battery...


  • The BCC is a communication module working with GWL/Modular CPM1. It provided additional functions of the protection and management for the battery modules monitored by the CPM1.
  • The basic hardware of the module contains:1x LAN port 100/10 Mbpsfor connection to PC networ
  • 10.Aug 2020
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Say No! – The active...

GWL/Team has spent many months testing the active balancers from China. In general, we have found following reasons why to “Say No!” to these products.

1) The risk of a products failure– Low Reliability Several of the balancers simply failed after some time. They either stopped working out of a sudden or

10.Aug 2020
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Say No! – The Energy Storage...

This photo shows the internal design of the energy storage black box from a Chinese supplier.

The battery pack consists of75 cylindrical cells welded togetherinto a fixed pack. This pack is stuffed into the 19” PC rack. See for yourself.

Clearly visible issues

  • Undocumented type of cel
10.Aug 2020
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GWL keeps saying: Say...

Some time ago GWL/Team purchased. Recently we have decided to use the hardware again. Very quickly we have come to realize it isa piece of “dead hardware”. Why?

Because the remote monitoring function was fixed at the operation of the“My Current Cost

03.Aug 2020
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GWL/Support team - Behind the...

See the roles of the actors in GWL project for theCzech Sustainable House(CSoD) and the GWL/Modular installation.

(1)The GWL Chief Ideologist(working mainly with his phone)

(2A) and (2B)The GWL/Team Members working hardwith their handsand tools to

21.Jul 2020
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Any difference?

A similar place at different times. Nine years ago,of the lithium-based cells.

Now the second picture bellow seems to be more fitting. There is an ever-growing flooding of the market by the cells of dubious origin and quality. Like the floods of water, there a

20.Jul 2020
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