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FAQ: Testing the capacity of the cell or battery

Q: I wish to check the capacity of the cell in my battery pack. How to do that?

Answer:Originally there were not any suitable products in the market that would allow the quick and easy testing of individual cells or the packs in a battery. There were only some costly and professiona

31.Oct 2022
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GWL in 2020 and 2021 - the Company Profile

GWL Team keeps publishing the yearly statistics with the business results and details on our activities.

Check the update for the data and GWL’s activities for the last two years: 2020 and 2021..

You can also download the previous GWL Company Reports at the bottom of the.

21.Oct 2022
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Inside GWL: Is it a science or it is a mess?

This question will come to your mind when you seethe testing table of a GWL’s engineer. Is this still an organized work or is it rather some form of a total mess?

Luckily this is a “regular” testing status of the table under the operation. Simply: “everything is under the control.&rdqu

11.Oct 2022
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The GWL Team has published some ofthe support materials for the DC products and solutions at GitHub. At this moment there are.

Check theand stay in touch with the technical news from GWL

More about.

26.Sep 2022
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The Memory of THE QUEEN

The rainbow over Windsor Castle as we learn the sad news of the beloved Queen.

(from twitter)

12.Sep 2022
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GWL (as AMVOLT) at Intersolar 2022 - B2 175

GWL was present at Intersolar again - after the“pause” of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Our booth was presented under the AMVOLT brand at Smarter E Europe (Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power Europe).

AMVOLT is a division of GWL a.s. and manufactures

04.Aug 2022
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Industrial Type Circuit Breakers

Safety is the most important factor of any DC powered installation. To help you with the instant safety, GWL supplies the quality circuit-breakers that can be used for your installation. The 125Amp DC Breaker is designed to protect the main DC line while the 32Amp and 2AMp models are designed fo

20.Jun 2022
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Modular REMA Connectors – Forklift Batteries

The product range for DC applications has been enlarged by theREMA type DC connectorsfor fork-lift applications.

Check the offer of the.

06.Jun 2022
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DC connectors - Make your connection easy!

GWL now offers the Anderson Style connectors for 50A, 175A and 350A ratings.

Make your connection easy and make sure your battery solution has a flexible connection and disconnection. It is always important to be able to disconnect the battery (or the other DC source) components in an easy way. &nbs

06.Jun 2022
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DC Disconnect Switches – a Must!

Any DC powered solution should have the ability for instantaneous protection and disconnection. GWL Team keeps reminding the customers ofand also the quick-to-go disconnection switches.

The DC disconnection switches are ideal to make the safety disconnection for your DC vo

17.May 2022
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