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GITHUB files

Additional support files for the EVSE project at GitHub

The SIMPLE EVSE project at GITHUB.

01.Jul 2020
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Czech Sustainable Houses - the...

The photos of the testing installation of the Czech Sustainable Houses project. The GWL/team has installed the the DC/AC power switch box. The initial testing was performed at GWL’s warehouse.. You may check.

29.Jun 2020
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GWL/Modular Flexi Pack

Here is one of the first prototypes of the GWL/Modular Flexi Pack.

With GWL/Modular everybody can assemble robust and reliable battery packs with out a need for special equipment. No need for welding, soldering or any other difficult hardware operations.

GWL/Modular Flexi Pack - You are ready to go.

16.Jun 2020
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Say “No” to such a kind of...

Hundreds of small cells? Or a robust solution using a large capacity battery pack?

The photos show the examples of battery packs made of multiple small cells connected in a serial-parallel connection. What will happen to the performance of this pack, if one of the cells somewhere inside will start operate irregularly or

15.Jun 2020
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Traction batteries for...

GWL/Power supplied the traction batteries for . The large capacity Winston TSWB 400AH cells supply the traction power for the 768V DC system.

In need for a DC Power? GWL/Power team is available to help you.

15.Jun 2020
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In GWL, we are looking for the...

In January 2019 we shipped 4x LP12V90AH+ to our client. All the batteries are measured before shipment to ensure that all goods are fine.

Delivery usually take about 3-4 business days and all was delivered in goods condition.

Unfortunately after 11 months, client found out that batteries have low volta

11.Jun 2020
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Helping you make better...

What should be improved in this installation?

1) Hard, fixed terminal connectors (made form solid materials) have no tolerance for the movement of the cells. The cells may slightly expand and shrink due to the changes of temperature, there is a need to have a flexible connection. Additionally, for automo

08.Jun 2020
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GWL/Modular: Customized packs...

The photo shows two customized battery packs for a customer 24V application.The main connection is to the plus and minus poles, and a separate connector is for the link to each of the cells. As you can see from the size of the wiring this will be a low current application.

It is easy to

14.May 2020
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The Battery Packs with...

This photo shows the condition of the cell terminals when operated in aggressive and corrosive environments.

In this case the customer has been operating the cells for many years already. Even though there is no longer the manufacturer’s warranty for the product, the GW

14.May 2020
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High-Power Traction DC Battery...

  • DC 1500V System
  • 1.55 MWh Energy
  • 15 MW Power

Interested? Get in touch with the GWL.EU team!

05.May 2020
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