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Coronavirus – Why so...

explains: How can one person with Covid 19 infect 59000 people?

He also says:

If we’ve got a limited resource, which we have, of a limited number of ventilators, a limited number of doctors, a limited number of nurses, which is fine, because we can’t

24.Mar 2020
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The next outbreak? We’re not...

In 2014, the world avoided a horrific global outbreak of Ebola, thanks to thousands of selfless health workers – plus, frankly, thanks to some very good luck. In hindsight, we know what we should have done better. So, now’s the time, Bill Gates suggests, to put all our good ideas into

23.Mar 2020
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Lockdown – a message of hope

The is sharing the poem “Lockdown” by a Capuchin Franciscan Brother Richard Hendrick, as broadcast by BBC


Yes there is fear. Yes there is isolation. Yes there is panic buying. Yes there is sickness. Yes there is even death.


They s

23.Mar 2020
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TSWB Cells at Western...

Thunder-sky Winston LFP battery is powering Western Canada’s largest off-grid pure solar project, an unmanned site in northern Alberta.

The Saddle Hills Telecommunication Site features a 75 kilowatt PV solar array and TSWB LFP battery bank which can store 260 kilowatt hours of energy. Previously, the site was powered solely by propane therm

06.Nov 2019
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Starting with LYP/LFP cells...

Quick tutorial video how to start with the LFP (LYP) cells. Learn and see the 13 steps. See how to make the first check-up and the initial charging. About Winston cells: Large capacity LiFePO4 prismatic cells. Thundersky – Winston Battery famous yellow cells. More than 18 years on the mar

21.Jun 2019
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Charge assembly and balance...

Quick instruction video how to install the BMS123 Smart with the LFP (LYP) cells. Learn and see for yourself - simple and quick installation in just a few steps. See how to assemble the pack from 4 cells.

About Winston cells: Large capacity LiFePO4 prismatic cells. Thundersky – Winston Batt

21.Jun 2019
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Puncture test calb

CALB SE Series Puncture Test (video)

Result is simple: 100% save - no fire, no explosion, no overheating, no burning of the plastic case. Only the smoke from inside the cell caused by the internal short-circuit. ()

21.Jun 2019
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LiFePo4 crash test - Lithium...

Controlled crash test of Lithium Ion (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells performed in Germany.

The test follows with short cut performance on fully charged cell.
The final conclusion is the tested Winston cells shown extreme durability during the shortcut, without internal combustion or explosion.

21.Jun 2019
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SLA vs LFP battery extreme...

What is the difference between SLA and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4, LFP)? One of the most frequent questions now answered. Rather extreme discharge test of two SLA and Winston 12V battery.

About Winston batteries: Large capacity LiFePO4 prismatic cells and batteries. Thundersky – Winston Ba

21.Jun 2019
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How to connect Solar regulator...

Complete guide how to connect your Solar panels with Lithium (Lithium Iron Phosphate, LiFePO4) batteries. We are using MPPT Regulator for maximal power drawn from the Solar panels.

You will learn how to connect the cables, how to operate with the regulator and how to connect the battery itself.


10.Jun 2019
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