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The overcharge test of the TSWB 40AH cells

The summary of the data for the overcharge test of the TSWB 40AH cells.

  • The over charge test wasperformed for 30 minutes.
  • The voltage percell increased up to 8V.
  • The temperature of the packreached up to 130°C.

There was no fire, no explosion, no strong gas leakage.

06.Apr 2021
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The field test demonstration of lithium cell abuse

In the spring of 2019, the GWL/Team has organizedthe lithium cells abuse demonstrationto verify the performance in real conditions. There were following goals of these tests:

  • Make the real field test demonstrations of the over-charge, short-circuit and fire abuse of the various cells: li-
06.Apr 2021
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GWL Videos to help you deploying your batteries better

GWL has published many videos on. Our goal is to help our customers and the whole battery communityto use the batteries better.

Check some of the more technical videos related to the battery pack assembly and operation

GWL/Power: Starting with LYP/LFP cells from W

16.Feb 2021
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GWL/Team Making Safety Tests

In April 2019, GWL Team has made extensive tests of various lithium cells to demonstrate the results of abuse and damage for these cells.

One part of the test was adirect short circuit dischargeof a fully charged TSWB Winston 40AH cell.

The photos show the preparation of the test.

01.Feb 2021
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Czech Sustainable Houses Project – Panels on the Roof ...

The video from the installation of the 48 pieces of. The total of15.8 kWpon the roof.


08.Dec 2020
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The technical details of the “Beast” or the Bestie by...

This video (in Czech language) shows the details of the components of the “Bestie”.of all electric generation components in one cabinet.

Simply, see for yourself in full details.

23.Nov 2020
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The cell terminals must be perfectly clean!

Check the highlight from the


Use only the original copper terminals #1). There are many reasons why you should not use any other accessories #2) to connect the cells. Check our knowledge-base for details #3), if you are interested in.It is very important to clean all connectors and terminals perfectly with sandpaper just before assembly. #4). Even small resistance between the cells would dis-balance the battery.


#1 –

11.Nov 2020
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GWL/Modular Flexi Pack

The GWL/Modular Flexi Pack is a set of pre-assembled mounting components that allow an easy assembly of the battery pack and provide flexible mechanical enclosure.

Check the video animation of the assembly of the GWL/Modular Flexi Pack.

07.May 2020
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GWL/Modular - Protect your Lithium battery - Quick guide

We demonstrate how to use the GWL/Modular CPM to handle your lithium battery. Connection guide including a wiring diagram.

Main features:

  • When exceeding the user-adjustable minimum or maximum of any cell, CPM module closes or opens the output contacts for the relay coils.
  • It brings the lowest and highest cell v
07.May 2020
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GWL/Modular CPM - Expand the lifetime of your batteries

Make your Lithium battery last longer, simply, with fractional costs compared to similar solutions.

is an easy-to-use and effective three-level solution for the protection of the LiFePO4 and LTO batteries from excessive discharge or overcharge. The GWL CPM module helps your applications and

05.May 2020
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