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Mickey Mouse at GWL/Power...

Some customers are rather exotic. We had a customer who came to our training in the mask of the Mickey Mouse. This is not a fun, this is a reality.

The customer was wearing the Mickey Mouse dress the whole training and was happy to take many photos.

19.Dec 2017
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Internal resistence

The value of the internal resistance

Question:In your promotional materials you mention several times that the internal resistance of the LTO cells is“very low”,“lower than for the LFP cells”, is“only 1 mOhm and less”. However we have tested

03.Nov 2017
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The GridFree inverters for the...

The GridFree inverters for the energy solutions

for energy self-generation.

11.Jun 2017
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Monitoring of more GF-YC500T...


Can I monitor multiple microinverters GF-YC500T connected to different phases by a single ECU monitoring gateway?


Yes, enter the identification codes of all your microinverters placedon the label on the bottom of the microinverter after you willinstalled the ECU monit

26.Apr 2017
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FAQ: What is a GridFree...

FAQ: What is a GridFree Solution

Question: What is the difference between the GridFree and the Grid-tied installation?

There are basically just two possible types of installations: Grid-tied and Off-Grid.

The grid-tied installation means the inverters work in synchronization w

13.Oct 2016
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FAQ: Adding the solar...

FAQ: Adding the solar microinverter to the central inverter

Question: I have a permit to connect a 2 kWp solar installation. At this time I have a 1.5 kW inverter. I consider connecting another set of two 250Wp panels with microinverters to increase from 1.5kW to full power of 2 kW. Are the micro

09.Aug 2016
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Understanding the EN 50438 for...

Understanding the EN 50438 for MicroInverter Operation

The EN 50438 gives the specifications of the Grid parameters. The microiverters are required to operate within the limits of this EN standard.

The parameters mean if the grid frequency is above 52 Hz or bellow 47.5 Hz, the microin

03.Aug 2016
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Small solar panel with the...

Small solar panel with the solar micro-inverter

Question: I have a 185Wp panel. How will this panel work with a 250Wp microinverter?

Answer: The panel will work with the microinverter only if the voltage of the panel matches the operating voltage of the inverter. If the voltage matches,

18.May 2016
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FAQ: Multiple micro-inverter...

FAQ: Multiple micro-inverter installation

I have a microinverter installation with products from ABC Company. I have 2kW installation (8x250Wp). Now I wish to increase my installation with more inverters. My questions:

1) The products from ABC Company use a PLC communication to work

05.Apr 2016
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Micro-Inverter –  Combined...

Micro-Inverter – Combined Energy at Your Hand

Combining the existing water/wind power plants with additional energy supply from solar panels.

Smart energy handling with solar micro-inverters, especially for small water power plants: if there is a lot of sunshine, usually th

05.Apr 2016
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