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Flexible solar panels for boats and yachts

Example reference of the installation ofon the roof of a luxury yacht.

In this installation there are18 pcs of. The total solar power is5.6 kWp.

The installation powers a48V DC installationwith lithium battery and.

With 6 hours of direct sunlight from 9 am to

15.Sep 2021
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The Core of the House and The Ready House!

This is one of the photos from the construction of theCzech Sustainable Houses (CSoD) project.

The top photo was takenin first part of 2020, when the core of the house was completed and before.

In early part of 2021, the house has been completed. Now there is a lot of final work needed

30.Aug 2021
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GWL/Modular FV Elerix - From the Roof to the Energy Storage

A complete solution using. From the roof equipped with the, to the SOLAR ENERGY HUB that contains theand the Energy storage Cabinet with thebattery pack.

A complete, robust, scalable and reliable solution that can be installed by any ski

21.Jun 2021
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The CSoD project – 100% Success in Winter 2021

The photo of thewinter day in January 2021. The sun is shining at the lowest sky position and it is quite cold outside even during the daytime. Yet, even in the deepest winter, theCzech Sustainable House project (CSoD)is full of energy and fully habitable.

Some of the doubters of t

02.Jun 2021
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Totally off-grid - fresh water pumping

This photo shows the very first part of the solar installation at theCzech Sustainable House (CSOD)project.

This is a completely off-grid installation oftwo solar panels (36 cells 160Wp), that run the water pump in the drilled well. The main purpose of this installation was to pump th

15.Feb 2021
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She is the “Beast” or the “Bestie”

We call her the“Bestie”. The word“Bestie” in the Czech language means the terrible beast. It can also mean a wicked woman.

However in English“Bestie” can also be used as the familiar name for the“best-girl-friend”.

In GWL the&ld

27.Oct 2020
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A complete solution from the GWL/Team

This is the work of the GWL/Team. As a part of, the GWL/Team members create a customized solution to help the customer according to his needs.

In this design schematics, a customer is looking for a solution of an off-grid cottage.

Components used: 4x PV solar panels 165Wp, MPP

24.Sep 2020
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The Community Garden Project – Pastvina

GWL/Team is helpingto be fully energy self-sufficient. As a first part of the project, GWL/Team in partnershiphas assisted in the installation ofon the roof of the wooden roofing construction. The ne

28.Aug 2020
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On-line monitoring for AC 230V

– a simple solution for the online monitoring for any 230V AC applications.

Check the consumption of your house-hold equipment. You can also connect this socket to the AC part of your DC/AC inverter to see the production of the AC energy

20.Jul 2020
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Czech Sustainable Houses - the power switch box

The photos of the testing installation of the Czech Sustainable Houses project. The GWL/team has installed the the DC/AC power switch box. The initial testing was performed at GWL’s warehouse.. You may check.

29.Jun 2020
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