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To be or not to be? - Balancing cells with a single cell...

Recently GWL/Team has received some feedback from the customers related.

It seems that these charges have some “hysteresis of their behavior” – in the way they behave when the cells are nearly fully ch

16.Mar 2021
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Charging voltage levels for LiFepo4 cells.

Some time ago, GWL/Team has published. It seems that this recommendation has been working excellently for all of our customers. Here is the summary of the information:

If possible, usethe setting for the LiFePO4 cells if supported by

19.Nov 2020
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What is the “Charge Booster”?

The“Charge Booster”is acharging converterbetween the regular car starting battery (usually lead-acid – SLA) and the auxiliary board battery (often the LiFePO4 – LFP).

It also works as a separation between these two batteries. If the starting battery gets

06.Nov 2019
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Battery charging from a generator on boats

FAQ: Battery charging from a generator (alternator) – on boats

Question:I have a boat with the gasoline engine. The gasoline engine moves the boat and charges the mainboard battery. When I replace the battery with LiFePO4, how should I operate the charging? If the battery gets full the alte

22.Oct 2019
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Charging the cells by a laboratory power supply

Many of the laboratory power supplies allow charging of the individual cells. Using such a regulated power supply is a suitable method for performing the initial charging or for the balancing of a single cell in a battery pack (by means of charging to a fixed voltage level).

There are usually 3 steps t

26.Jul 2019
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Charge assembly and balance the battery pack

Quick instruction video how to install the BMS123 Smart with the LFP (LYP) cells. Learn and see for yourself - simple and quick installation in just a few steps. See how to assemble the pack from 4 cells.

About Winston cells: Large capacity LiFePO4 prismatic cells. Thundersky – Winston Batt

21.Jun 2019
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SLA vs. LiFePo4 (LFP) battery, extreme discharge test

What is the difference between SLA and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4, LFP)? One of the most frequent questions now answered. Rather extreme discharge test of two SLA and Winston 12V battery.

About Winston batteries: Large capacity LiFePO4 prismatic cells and batteries. Thundersky – Winston Ba

10.Jun 2019
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3.2V LFP cell initial charging

Question: How should new cells 3.2V 40AH,60AH, 90AH, 100 AH, etc. be formed before first usage?

Answer:The new 3.2V LFPcells delivered from the warehouse are partially charged. Howeverbefore the first use, it is essentialto charge each cell to full capacity. The initial charging should

16.Feb 2018
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12V LP battery balancing and charging

Question: Can I charge the 12V LFP battery using a conventional auto-moto charger 12V?

Answer: With most of “cheap” car battery chargers you**cannot**charge the 12V LFP battery. Cheap chargers often end charging at 14V. As a result the LFP batteries are not charg

16.Feb 2018
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You must charge the LiFePO4 before the first use!

You must charge before the first use!

We remind all users of the LFP cells and LP batteries that the cells and batteriesMUST be chargedto full voltage levelBEFOREassembling into a pack and before starting to be used.

For the 3.2V cells, the full charge voltage level i

16.Feb 2018
| Blog - Chargers and charging
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