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FAQ: Testing the capacity of the cell or battery

Q: I wish to check the capacity of the cell in my battery pack. How to do that?

Answer:Originally there were not any suitable products in the market that would allow the quick and easy testing of individual cells or the packs in a battery. There were only some costly and professiona

31.Oct 2022
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A Massive Single Cell Charging – 720 Amps

The photo shows 6 units of theto be used as single cell chargers. The nominal voltage of the power supply isset to 3.6Vand it can charge withup to 120 Amp.

The charging power of the 6 units in parallel will reach3.6V, 720Amps. Is it

25.Apr 2022
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MEANWELL – the Charging Solution for 12V, 24V, 48V and...

The universal chargers from MEANWELLto charge the battery packs. See the various product lines:

models for 12V, 24V and 48V.

with passive cooling.

, currents 15A to 120A.

MEANWELL = Quality

25.Apr 2022
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MEANWELL HEP-600C – DC Charger 12V/24V/48V 600W

The MEANWELL HEP-600Cis a high efficiency AC/DC charger with passive cooling.This means: fan-less and noiseless.There is no ventilator and air inlet/outlet. For improved cooling the charger should be mounted in a well-ventilated area. If mounted in a closed box, the air flow ventilat

21.Apr 2022
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LFP Battery – Model Charging Curve

This is an example of amodel charging curve for a 24V LFP battery. In this scenario the battery is finely charged with a 2 Amp balancing charger. There are following stages of the charging process:

1 – The battery is chargedto the full voltage (29.6V = 3.7V per cell)

2 – The ba

04.Apr 2022
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Laboratory Power Supply - Charger 60V/10A For LFP/LTO Cells

Laboratory power supply GWL/M-LAB60V10A – MP6010D - 60V/10A

MP6010D laboratory power supply with gradual voltage regulation (from 0 V to 60 V) and current limitation (from 0 A to 10 A).

Suitable for the laboratory charging of LFP and LTO cells.

Specifications of the MP6010D power supply

  • Digital display: vo
21.Mar 2022
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GWL/POWER Balancing Board For 1-4 Cells LFP

Examples of the installation photos of the.

The installation is quite simple, just mount the boards somewhere near the battery pack and connect with the individual cells, by means of the single cell wires.

For3.6Vthe balancing current is1.2 Amp

10.Mar 2022
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To be or not to be? - Balancing cells with a single cell...

Recently GWL/Team has received some feedback from the customers related.

It seems that these charges have some “hysteresis of their behavior” – in the way they behave when the cells are nearly fully ch

16.Mar 2021
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Charging voltage levels for LiFepo4 cells.

Some time ago, GWL/Team has published. It seems that this recommendation has been working excellently for all of our customers. Here is the summary of the information:

If possible, usethe setting for the LiFePO4 cells if supported by

19.Nov 2020
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What is the “Charge Booster”?

The“Charge Booster”is acharging converterbetween the regular car starting battery (usually lead-acid – SLA) and the auxiliary board battery (often the LiFePO4 – LFP).

It also works as a separation between these two batteries. If the starting battery gets

06.Nov 2019
| Blog - Chargers and charging
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