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Flexible panels on the roof - Byron Bay Solar Train

- A world’s unique installation of solar panels to power a solar hybrid train that is able to operate from both from the grid and also form the solar power yielded from the solar panels.

has a solar installation of 6.4 kWh. In this case,

15.Sep 2021
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Flexible solar panels for boats and yachts

Example reference of the installation ofon the roof of a luxury yacht.

In this installation there are18 pcs of. The total solar power is5.6 kWp.

The installation powers a48V DC installationwith lithium battery and.

With 6 hours of direct sunlight from 9 am to

15.Sep 2021
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ELERIX Solar panels

Check what is available.

20.May 2021
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ELERIX Solar Panels

High performance solar panels with quick delivery to your location. From 135Wp shingled to 440Wp PERC HALF CUT.

Ready for you at.

03.May 2021
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How much energy is needed to warm water?

The answer is in this formula:Energy [kWh] = (Tdiff * 4180 * Litters) / 3600000

If you have1 kg of water (=1 liter)and you wish to warm itby 1 degree Celsius, you need to use0,00116111 kWhof energy.

If you have1 kg of water (=1 liter)and you wish to warm it

16.Feb 2021
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Totally off-grid - fresh water pumping

This photo shows the very first part of the solar installation at theCzech Sustainable House (CSOD)project.

This is a completely off-grid installation oftwo solar panels (36 cells 160Wp), that run the water pump in the drilled well. The main purpose of this installation was to pump th

15.Feb 2021
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The Elerix Shingled Solar Panels 135Wp

You can see the difference - a regular solar panelwith 36 solar cells(on the right) provides around 105Wp. The Elerix shingled solar panel of the same size provides 135Wp - it has 4x 32 = 128 cells.

The Elerix shingled solar panel is fully black with a black frame an the fully black solar c

01.Feb 2021
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The ELERIX Shingled Solar Panels - The Technology Design

In previous postings, GWL/Team has provided basic details about theELERIX Shingled panels technology

There are additional key benefits of the Shingled panel technology.

Parallel flow of the electric ener

01.Feb 2021
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Czech Sustainable Houses Project – Panels on the Roof ...

The video from the installation of the 48 pieces of. The total of15.8 kWpon the roof.


08.Dec 2020
| Blog - Solar panels

GWL/Sunny Solar Panels 4xPACKs

This is the photo of the packing for the 4xPACKs of the solar panels.

Check the offer for.

02.Dec 2020
| Blog - Solar panels
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