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Czech Sustainable Houses Project – Panels on the Roof ...

The video from the installation of the 48 pieces of. The total of15.8 kWpon the roof.


08.Dec 2020
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GWL/Sunny Solar Panels 4xPACKs

This is the photo of the packing for the 4xPACKs of the solar panels.

Check the offer for.

02.Dec 2020
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They are real…. GWL/Sunny solar panels

The photo of thepacking. These panels were installed inside the CSoD Project.

26.Nov 2020
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The Panels on the Roof

This is a a photofrom 7/2020showing the final result of the installation of solar panels on the roof of the CSoD Project. As you can see and count thre are 8 x 6 = 48 pieces of. The total of15.8 kWpon the roof.


23.Nov 2020
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Keep learning and keep exploring

In partnership with, the GWL/Team is supporting another installation using the. This will be a semi grid-tied and semi off-grid installation using the GWL/Power components.

The GWL/Team is happy to share and support this project. We will be following with more de

18.Nov 2020
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No Roof - No House

This is photo series from 6/2020 when the roof on the CSoD Project was installed. Please note that the photos show only the northern roof, that is facing towards the forest. That is why there are no solar panels on this side of the roof.


Photos by Petr Toman. Thank you!

27.Oct 2020
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The Elerix TrueRoof Color Solar panels

GWL/Teamis working to provide a solution for solar panels that will match the color of the typical roofs in majority of cities in Europe. TheElerix TrueRoof Color solar panelsmatch the colors to the most typical roof tiles: the brick-red and the dark-brown-yellow.

As seen from the photos, theGWL/Teamis now testing the samples.

24.Sep 2020
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Shingled panels technology – seamless soldering

Shingled moduleis the highest power and efficiency you can get with traditional, undoped crystalline silicon. True shingled modules have no visible busbars and solar cells are cut into five or six strips and connected with an electrically conductive adhesive

Shingled technology is based on&nb

14.Sep 2020
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Details about the Shingled panels technology

Shingled solar panels (shingled modules) contain solar cells cut into strips that overlap inside the framed module. Intercell gaps are removed, and more silicon cells can be crammed into one module, increasing power output and module efficiency.

Shingled modules use an electrically conductive adhesi

14.Sep 2020
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The latest high tech: 135Wp Shingled panel

GWL/Powerintroduces the latest solar high-tech product. The 135Wp MONO PERC Shingled panel with4x32 (128) cell plates.

Mono, mid size, 102 x 66.5 cm panel with 135Wp. The panel uses the shingled technology with no visible buss bars and is provided with full black design.

Check the specification in the imagery.

14.Sep 2020
| Blog - Solar panels
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