Please help me – Overstock of Unused Old-like-new...

From email:Our company has some overstock of cells and batteries we purchased in the past. They are like new - they were in the warehouse for last 8 years - completely unused. We have about 3000 pieces. Can you come to our warehouse to check these? We will talk and make the best price for

20.Jul 2021
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The Basic Protection of the Battery Cells

1) Battery monitoring

The CPM1 serves as the battery monitoring device.

2) Flexible connection to each cell in the battery

The cells can be disconnected completely and easily. In this example the disconnection is done by means of the Battery link cable

07.Jul 2021
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ELERIX EX-L135D - The Queen is coming

Let us call herThe ELERIX QUEEN. The LiFePO4 135AH high density cell in VDA 148 format for energy storage solutions.

Get ready to welcome the queen! Download the.

07.Jul 2021
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More real cells - more 3D drawings

Check the 3D Drawings for more ELERIX cells

More and moreto support the DC power solutions for Energy Storage and DC Traction applications.

ELERIX - You Power the Life!

07.Jul 2021
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ELERIX - The real products and the 3D images

The ELERIX cells come with the 3D drawing to help the designers of the battery packs. The 3D PDF files are now available for the most favorite ELERIX cells.

  • for ELERIX
  • for ELERIX LFP 110AH
  • for ELERIX LFP 50AH
07.Jul 2021
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How to open PDF files with a 3D image

The PDF documents support the 3D viewing as well.

The 3D PDF files must be opened in the Adobe PDF Viewer - not in the internet browser.You must download first to your PC and then open in Adobe PDF.

In order to open the 3D type of PDF, you need:

1) Click on the“Yellow Bar” – M

07.Jul 2021
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Child Helpline International – supported by GWL

GWL is helping and supporting. By means of DC/AC technical solutions, we are helping a large communality of energy users worldwide. Through a local financial support, GWL is helping to fund the “Child Helpline International”.

???? For 10 years already, GWL supports child-help nonprofit organizati

30.Jun 2021
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GWL’s Team Work: It is beautiful!

When you take a little time and look at all the details of the work of the GWL/Team members, you can only take a breath and say:“Yes, it is beautiful.”

Ideas, colors, designs, efficiency, smartness, clever minds…. and much more.

Thank you all!

21.Jun 2021
| Blog

GWL/Modular FV Elerix - From the Roof to the Energy Storage

A complete solution using. From the roof equipped with the, to the SOLAR ENERGY HUB that contains theand the Energy storage Cabinet with thebattery pack.

A complete, robust, scalable and reliable solution that can be installed by any ski

21.Jun 2021
| Blog

GWL/Modular - ELERIX Holder - Flexi Rack Pack - fully loaded

The photos shows the various possibilities of the installation of the additional components directly onto the DIN type rails of the

What about your installation? Are you ready? Enjoy the fully modular solution using the industrial type of DC components to

21.Jun 2021
| Blog
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