They are real…. GWL/Sunny solar panels

The photo of thepacking. These panels were installed inside the CSoD Project.

26.Nov 2020
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FAQ: Winston LFP cells in a 3C-rate application

1) What is the voltage of the Winston LFP cells under the load?

The voltage of the LFP cells under load istypically above 3V.If the voltage gets under 3V the cell is nearly discharged and the remaining capacity is limited.

See additional details here:

25.Nov 2020
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The technical details of the “Beast” or the Bestie by...

This video (in Czech language) shows the details of the components of the “Bestie”.of all electric generation components in one cabinet.

Simply, see for yourself in full details.

23.Nov 2020
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The Panels on the Roof

This is a a photofrom 7/2020showing the final result of the installation of solar panels on the roof of the CSoD Project. As you can see and count thre are 8 x 6 = 48 pieces of. The total of15.8 kWpon the roof.


23.Nov 2020
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The energy storage solution with the LFP400AH cells

GWL has supplied the battery cells for an energy storage project withlarge LFP cells. The 200 kWh storage is based on a battery pack of 168 pcs of 400AH cells. The installation is a rack mount system with customized BMS and complete management.

Be sure to

23.Nov 2020
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GWL/Modular BMS configuration

The basic configuration of the BMS to be used in the GWL/Modular system.

The proper protection of the battery pack is a must!

23.Nov 2020
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Charging voltage levels for LiFepo4 cells.

Some time ago, GWL/Team has published. It seems that this recommendation has been working excellently for all of our customers. Here is the summary of the information:

If possible, usethe setting for the LiFePO4 cells if supported by your charging equipment. Usu

19.Nov 2020
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The copper terminals for 400AH, 700AH, 1000AHC cells

Check the photos and see the difference.

400AH - 5 layers with M14 screws

700AH - 6 layers with M14 screws

1000AHC - 5 layers with M12 screws

Want to buy? Here at.

18.Nov 2020
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Keep learning and keep exploring

In partnership with, the GWL/Team is supporting another installation using the. This will be a semi grid-tied and semi off-grid installation using the GWL/Power components.

The GWL/Team is happy to share and support this project. We will be following with more de

18.Nov 2020
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Using the proper terminals to connect the cells

When charged and discharged, expanding and stretching a little. The cells also change their shape due to the temperature expansion of the materials and the changes of the atmospheric pressure.

All of these factors cause that the cells are more or less b

16.Nov 2020
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