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BMS123 Smart ready for 2021!

Our teams are now testing a new connectoron the negative (-) pad of each BMS123 Smartcell board, so the customers do not have to solder anymore.

This connector will accept wires between 0.5mm2 and 3.3mm2 stranded or solid core.

Additionallythe hole of the (+) padwill be increase

01.Dec 2020
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GWL/Modular BMS configuration

The basic configuration of the BMS to be used in the GWL/Modular system.

The proper protection of the battery pack is a must!

23.Nov 2020
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BMS123 or GWL CPM? - Deeply discharged cells

As our customers are well aware, some type of protection module is necessary to use with every lithium battery for prevention of a deep discharge or overcharge.

I will use the example of our customer from Holland to describe how a significantly cheaper GWL CPM protection can often be the better choice th

06.Nov 2020
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BCC – the extension of the battery protection

This installation diagram shows the possibilities provided by the BCC. The CPM1 board provides the basic protection layer of the battery pack. The BCC makes.

With BCC it is possible to control the charger and the load remotely either manua

07.Sep 2020
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GWL/Modular - BCC (Battery Communicator and Controller)

More photos and more details coming soon.

BCC is the extension module for the CPM1 board.

07.Sep 2020
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CPM1 - manual on the board

What is the voltage setting for minimal and maximal voltage of the LFP and LTO cells?

See the answer for yourself.You can see the answer printed on the circuit board of the CPM1. Easy to set, easy to go. What do you think about this idea?

14.May 2020
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CPM1 V1.5 - already a history

This photo shows one of the development versions of the GWL/CPM board. The version 1.5 with gray and green connectors.

The actual version is .

14.May 2020
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BMS123 Smart – What's new?

With the spring air coming, it's time for some refreshment: the HW update of our best-selling BMS123 Smart – Gen 3. Check the product page for more details:

Main features of the update:

✔️ LTO compatible ✔️ Operates on cell voltages between 1.5 V and 5.0 V ✔️ High accuracy SOC

02.Apr 2020
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BMS123 Smart installation and comments to overheating

When balancing my pack with BMS123, I noticed the boards get very hot (some +65°C). Is it OK?

Firstly, for large size battery banks and for cells that have become disbalanced, we strongly recommend avoiding long time balancing. The suggested solution is to charge the cells individually with a single cell charger.

Secondly, wh

02.Apr 2020
| Blog - BMS Systems
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