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Tips for useful accessories for 12V packs

Check the overview of the useful accessories to make it easier for you to use and.

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01.Nov 2022
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Connection of CPM with AMETEK Latching relay

This diagram shows the connection ofthe AMETEK Latching Relay with CPM Board.

The relay is controlled by theCPM Board contacts. However, because the AMETEK Latching relay needs a high current rated power supply for the coils, the latching relay itself needs to be connectedby means

17.Oct 2022
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Connection of BMS123 with AMETEK Latching relay

This diagram shows the connection ofthe AMETEK Latching Relay with BMS123.

The relay is controlled bythe BMS123 Load Relay NC contact. The auxiliary relay is powered by the DC main voltage and it will create the impulse signal for the latching relay to disconnect.

Since the main

17.Oct 2022
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The Communication for BC-16 Battery Meter

comes with the TTL communication port that allows reading the data of the BC in a digital way.

Please see the photos of the connection of the communication cable. Check more at ELERIX GitHub –

The TTL-232 to USB converterthat has been tested by GWL –

04.Aug 2022
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GWL/Modular BMS Basic in Action! 

Check this Youtube video to see how to install theGWL/Modular BMS Basic into a 24V battery pack.

Check these main components used in the set-up:


ELERIX battery holder

GWL/Modular BMS Basic

20.Jun 2022
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Industrial Type Circuit Breakers

Safety is the most important factor of any DC powered installation. To help you with the instant safety, GWL supplies the quality circuit-breakers that can be used for your installation. The 125Amp DC Breaker is designed to protect the main DC line while the 32Amp and 2AMp models are designed fo

20.Jun 2022
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How to read the data from CPM?

Question: I have the CPM board and I wish to read the data from the board to make the analysis of the battery pack. How to do it?

If you havethe CPM v 1.8(sold for the last 1 year and more), you can connect the BCC board to the CPM to read the data and to transfer them via the computer

06.Jun 2022
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The CPM – with the Latching Relays

The CPM board is designed to provide a direct support of the high-power control by means of the latching relays.

Check the drawing and seethe function of the individual componentsas a part of the.

Thefor the protection of the battery.

21.Apr 2022
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ELERIX EX-L12V100R Service Connector

The EX-L12V100R Service Connector is a magnetic 5-pin connector that allows direct access to the individual cells of the 12V battery.

The function of the connector is following

  • Measure the voltage of the individual cells.
  • Allow monitoring and connection of the BMS
  • Connect auxiliary devices to charge or balance
23.Mar 2022
| Blog - BMS Systems

Ametek Latching Contactor + BMS + CPM

How to use with or ?

Our tech department preparedfor you a nice and simple schema:

You can preview the images or download the PDFs here: &

05.Nov 2021
| Blog - BMS Systems
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