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A New Year’s Greeting with a Thermal Runaway

Have you ever burnt the dish on the stove?GWL Team has just begun the New Year with a similar experiencecaused by an improper cell operation.

As a result of a human operator failure and as a result of an improper setting of the charging machine,GWL team has just experience a thermal runaway for a 10

10.Jan 2023
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Happy New Year 2023

Since 2009 the GWL Team has been working hard to support and promote the DC Power Based solutions.

At this moment of the New Year we keep sending the best wishes to all supporters, fans and customers of the battery and sollar panel based DC technology.

Enjoy the whole year 2023 and le

02.Jan 2023
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An X-mas Gift 

A photo of the Alpha prototype batch for the BMS Easy.

The GWL colleagues are HEROs who keep working at any day and at any time.

Enjoy your X-mas.

02.Jan 2023
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It’s Easy!  BMS Easy

Check some more initial connectiondiagrams for the BMS Easy.

BMS Easy is a simple and easy monitoring for individual cells and battery packs.

Stay in touch. More to follow.

In the mean time you can check the.

02.Jan 2023
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When the Web is Down – Getting in Touch with GWL

HELP: I wish to visit your web; it seems not to work. What to do?

Yes, it may happen — as the image shows —GWL’s server failure in 5/2022.

In this situation,the best idea may be to send an email with the information about the error and to write also your request by email

02.Jan 2023
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New project from the GWL’s kitchen:  BMS Easy

GWL team has been working on a project of a simple BMS solution. The name isBMS Easy.

More details to be coming in next weeks….

02.Jan 2023
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AMVOLT - Ready to Go Containers

Do you need a 10FT or a 20FT container? GWL has the containers“Ready to Go”. These — “as good as new” containers (used once for a shipment from China to Europe) — are now ready to be used for installation projects for Energy storage or with any other a

02.Jan 2023
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GWL in 2020 and 2021 - the Company Profile

GWL Team keeps publishing the yearly statistics with the business results and details on our activities.

Check the update for the data and GWL’s activities for the last two years: 2020 and 2021..

You can also download the previous GWL Company Reports at the bottom of the.

21.Oct 2022
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Inside GWL: Is it a science or it is a mess?

This question will come to your mind when you seethe testing table of a GWL’s engineer. Is this still an organized work or is it rather some form of a total mess?

Luckily this is a “regular” testing status of the table under the operation. Simply: “everything is under the control.&rdqu

11.Oct 2022
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The GWL Team has published some ofthe support materials for the DC products and solutions at GitHub. At this moment there are.

Check theand stay in touch with the technical news from GWL

More about.

26.Sep 2022
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