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GWL/Modular Flexi Pack

Here is one of the first prototypes of the GWL/Modular Flexi Pack.

With GWL/Modular everybody can assemble robust and reliable battery packs with out a need for special equipment. No need for welding, soldering or any other difficult hardware operations.

GWL/Modular Flexi Pack - You are ready to go.

16.Jun 2020
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Welcome to GWL

Most of our customer never visit our offices. Never mind. Through these images, we share with you the graphic motives that are on the walls at the GWL company entrance and also at the inner corridor.

You can image what you would see, if you would come. Anyway, if you can make it to Praha one day, be sure to visit

03.Jun 2020
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GWL/POWER USB Flash disks

A small gift for our customers and partners. A in the design of the Winston cell with GWL/Power logo.


03.Jun 2020
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High-Power Traction DC Battery...

  • DC 1500V System
  • 1.55 MWh Energy
  • 15 MW Power

Interested? Get in touch with the GWL.EU team!

05.May 2020
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Busy at work for better...

The GWL/Team colleagues are always busy working for new improved solutions of the GWL/Modular battery packs.

The“Lockdown” has brought some organizational changes to GWL/EU operation, but we keep working at full power to move ahead with ever smarter products and solutions.

Let us stay in touch!

02.Apr 2020
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Czech Sustainable Houses...

Is GWL a construction project company? Perhaps, we will be in the future. GWL is actively supporting theCzech Sustainable Houses (CSoD) project. These photos show the progress of the first 100% Off-grid house, under construction from 11/2019 till now 3/2020.

More details to follow.

25.Mar 2020
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Testing and working –...

What are you doing on the first spring Saturday in 2020?

Actually, the first spring Saturday in 2020 brought in a wave of cold weather to Europe. It was snowing today even in Prague.

However, the GWL/Team memberskeep working even on weekends, analyzing ba

23.Mar 2020
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The Spring of 2020 is here

The corona virus frenzy is increasing in many countries all over Europe. However, nobody can stop the coming of another wonderful Spring.

Even though the GWL/Team members follow the government guidelines on wearing face masks in public places, we still keep enjoying the beauty of the Spring 

23.Mar 2020
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Quote for ESS Project –...

Quote for ESS Project – Serious Questions

Hi! I need quote for 10 ESS projects with 800kW each. Send urgently before 14 pm today to meet the deadline. Yours truly. Gregorij.

Is this an email or a “telegram?” It would be really great if such large projects can be processed as tel

05.Mar 2020
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Enjoy the colors and raw...

You do not need to understand the texts (in the Czech language), just follow the colors. That is all. This is a part of the documentation for the Czech Sustainable Houses (CSoD) project. It is the topology of the user information and control panel.

The other picture is the photo from the CSoD construction site

04.Mar 2020
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