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A complete solution from the...

This is the work of the GWL/Team. As a part of, the GWL/Team members create a customized solution to help the customer according to his needs.

In this design schematics, a customer is looking for a solution of an off-grid cottage.

Components used: 4x PV solar panels 165Wp, MPPT Victron 150/45, battery pack

24.Sep 2020
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GWL/Modular Flexi Pack

The GWL/Team is busy working on the first pre-production batch for the. The initial delivery should be ready during 8/2020 and the promotion on the web site is scheduled for 9/2020.

Perhaps you ask what takes so long. For example just finding a reliable mechanical-design component manufacturer takes m

20.Jul 2020
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GWL/Modular Schematics - open...

The significant part of theGWL/Modular conceptis the support of the customer installations by means of all purpose schematics.

GWL will be releasing many of the installation schematics to provide additional support for customer and partner projects.

The goal is thatany skille

29.Jun 2020
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GWL/Modular - not only...

The GWL/Modular solution brings to you not only the hardware components, it will help you also with the design and ideas for you project.

The substantial part of the GWL/Modular solution is the library of many application diagrams and installation schematics. You can work with your design software and easily

14.May 2020
| Blog - Installation diagrams

GWL/Modular Battery Link

The GWL/Modular Battery Link is a system of ready-made cabling for 12V, 24V and 48V battery packs. It consists of a set of cables and connectors.

There are three variants using 3 different connectors.

  • 6 pin connector for the 12V pack
  • 6 pin + 4 pin connectors for the 24V pack
05.May 2020
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GWL for Sustainable Green...

This is another photo from the installation of the energy back-up solution. The photo shows the construction of the outside protective housing that is made of a fire-resistant plaster-board. In addition to the temperature sensors, there a smoke detector inside the housing that will provide an alarm if case of smoke.&n

02.Mar 2020
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Wires for Campers

We are wiring…. Well, we are rather drawing wires to help our customer with a camper (or caravan) installation.

We will be (soon) showing a complete design and the How-To manual for such a kind of applications.

10.Dec 2019
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The DC Charge Booster Setup

This diagram shows the DC Charger Booster connection. Note the fusing of each battery, Proper fusing is a must!

This diagram is fromVictron EnergyBuck-Boost DC-DC Converter.

06.Nov 2019
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New current measuring options...

New extension accessory current sensor forLAN Controller 2.0is available for your projects -. It allows to measure up to +/- 75A in circuits up to 277V AC/DC. Check our offer of. Follow the pictures for complete installation and se

19.Dec 2017
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Simple Digital Voltmeter...

Simple Digital Voltmeter (range 0 - 30V)

The voltmeter allows to measure Voltage from 0 to 30V. For the measurement under 4V requires an external power supply (in range 5 V - 30 V). See the operation manual for examples. How to use:

1) The red wire connect to the (+) battery terminal

08.Feb 2014
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