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The GWL/Modular Solution - Wiring Diagram

This is the installation diagram or schematics forGWL/Modular complete solution of the “The Bestie” or the “Beast”- the complete energy center forthe.

The documentation is available as a part of the project for any customers and partners who

30.Aug 2021
| Blog - Installation diagrams

The Basic Protection of the Battery Cells

1) Battery monitoring

The CPM1 serves as the battery monitoring device.

2) Flexible connection to each cell in the battery

The cells can be disconnected completely and easily. In this example the disconnection is done by means of the Battery link cable

07.Jul 2021
| Blog - Installation diagrams

The CSOD Project - design and ideas

The GWL/Team has spent countless hours on the discussions, projections and modifications of the initial design of theCzech Sustainable House (CSOD)project.

As promised, we will be releasing majority of the CSOD documentation so that all customers and supporters can see what the GWL/Team ha

15.Mar 2021
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DC Wire Color Coding Standards

The table shows the color coding for AC wires in the installations.

DC Plus Pole (+) – Red DC Minus Pole (-) non-grounded – Blue (#1) DC Minus Pole (-) grounded – Black (#2) Protective Earth (PE) or Ground (GND) – Yellow/Green


#1 For majority DC systems the battery poles and all DC wires must be

08.Feb 2021
| Blog - Installation diagrams

AC Wire Color Coding Standards

The table shows thecolor coding for AC wiresin the installations - IEC 60446.

AC 3-phase Live (L1) – Brown AC 3-phase Live (L2) – Black AC 3-phase Live (L3) – Gray Neutral (N) – Blue Protective Earth (PE) or Ground (GND) – Yellow/Green AC Single Phase Live &ndash

08.Feb 2021
| Blog - Installation diagrams

GWL/Modular - BMS Basic

The primary setup of the GWL/Modular components as BMS-Basic.

The BMS Basic provides the “basic” or primary protection of the battery pack up to 16 cells. The management of the battery pack is handle by the CPM1 board.

01.Feb 2021
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Integration of the GWL/Modular with Victron Energy products

The reference of theshows the possibility of the integration of the GWL/Modular components with theVictron Energy products.

In this installation the CPM1 communicates (by means of auxiliary relays) with theAUX1 and AUX2 of Victron Multiplus, and the

15.Dec 2020
| Blog - Installation diagrams

GWL/Modular – CPM1 - Auxiliary Relays for High Power...

As seen from the demonstration designs provided by GWL and also from the manual of the, the high-power outputs need to be connected by means of the auxiliary relays.

The auxiliary relaysprovide another layer of protection and disconnectionbetween the battery pack e

14.Dec 2020
| Blog - Installation diagrams

GWL/Modular BCC - see the web

is an expansion, independent communication extension board designed to be used exclusively. This board expands the battery protection functions and enables remote management of batteries protected by the CPM.

Check the printscreens of the web interface. You can stu

08.Dec 2020
| Blog - Installation diagrams

The relay with a flash back diode. Observe the polarity!

Some time ago, GWL/Team has explainedto be connected in parallel to the relay coils when switching relays by transistors.

Recently there were few cases when customers installed a professionally made relay that alrea

30.Oct 2020
| Blog - Installation diagrams
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